How to choose the interior designer?

05 Sep 2017

How to choose the interior designer?

The Magic is hidden behind the atmosphere. Have you ever wondered whether you live in an interior that suits your personality? An interior that is a reflection of your sensibility and style that people can simply recognise. Do you live in a space that pleases you? If you cannot recognise yourself in the space that you call your home – that is something to be changed. Finding the perfect interior designer is the first step towards changing, not only the space you spend your time in, but the quality of your everyday life in general. However, before finding the ideal interior designer – you should try to reconsider your aspirations deeply. These are some of the questions that can help you to answer the question of what do you actually want: • Why do you like that space in particular? • What's your favourite thing in space? • What are your favourite pieces of furniture? • What all these factors have in common?(style, texture, material, colour) Now that you have a general idea of what do you want, you can start looking for the professional that will make your vision come true. You can follow some simple steps which can significantly assist you in making up your mind when it comes to hiring the designer. 1. REQUIRE SAMPLE OF WORK ( PORTFOLIO)   This is the best way to narrow the circle of potential designers. Once you get the portfolio along with the resume, you will see many distinctive ways of designing, creativity and presentation. This can seriously ease make the shortlist – you will keep the ones that have answered your prior demands in a particular way. 2. SET A BUDGET Budget is also regarded as a relevant factor. The designer that can fit into a financial framework and provide the design solution that also responds economic and functional factors ideally can be your "perfect match". 3. BE QURIOUS You can feel free to ask the potential employee about former experiences, references, workflow, preferred software or any other details you are interested it. This process should also include the questions related to the services that the designer will provide, the costs and well as the timeframe. You can also put this on paper, so you can easily compare it during the process of final engagement. 4. PRESENT YOUR THOUGHTS BUT ALSO BE OPEN MINDED This one is very important. Never, but never, forget that you are there to hire a professional – a designer, and not someone to draft of visualises your thoughts literally. You should find the perfect balance with sticking to your wish but also reconsidering the suggestions from the protentional designer of your future perfect space. 5. BE CLEAR ABOUT YOUR PROJECT REQUIREMENTS Definition of your demands is the crucial in all stages of the work – from starting to finishing. In other words, in order to find the ideal expert for your task you have to picturize your expectations as clear as possible. This clarity will help both of you to find the "mutual language" for the desired outcome. Once you have chosen the designer you are going to award – the journey of beautiful colours, textures and materials can begin. [wl_faceted_search]
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