How to Create the Best Attic Bedroom Design

03 Sep 2017

How to Create the Best Attic Bedroom Design

Attics are often renovated to serve a variety of purposes, and one of those is to create a cosy little bedroom. The loft space is perfect for creating an individual and glamorous extra bedroom. Here are some tips from Hanzo Design to make the most of the available space… While designing the attic bedroom, you must consider the following things: • Access to the Attic - At Hanzo Design, we are always in favour of using self-assembly furniture so that you can adjust them as and when needed. Staircases to the attics are often narrow, so it’s imperative that you measure furniture pieces before placing an order. You can save yourself from some hassles if you measure the ceiling height and order furniture pieces suiting the height of your attic. Access to the attic matters the most so that you don’t face difficulties while carrying the furniture up to the attic or positioning them. • The choice of Beds – Even though you might be tempted to install the best bed in the attic, you still need to consider a few things. A) The height of the attic – In case you have a low ceiling, it’s sensible to go for a low bed that will be proportionate to the attic. Choosing a low bed will ensure an improved sense of space, including the actual space above the bed. Proportionate size of the bed will certainly help you to create the coherent and sophisticated loft. B) Platform beds – Wide profile low beds are the best for adding a dash of glamour to your attic if you have an attic with a low ceiling but larger floor area. You can even add matching bedside tables to create the ultimate luxury feel in the attic. C) Size of the room – Opting for a bed with compact footprint makes sense if space crunch exists in the loft. There are beds without the compulsory headboard, which is similar to a mattress. Beds with simple shapes yet contemporary style will make your bedroom look uncluttered and modern. Space is of great value in the attic, so a minimalistic approach is the biggest challenge for any interior designer.   • The appropriate choice of furniture for the attic bedroom – Now, this calls for a bit of innovation and ingenuity. You’ll have to make optimum use of the space available in the attic so investing in something like a built in wardrobe can be incredibly rewarding. The under bed drawers are also a great way to save some space yet experience low-level storage. These storage spaces can accommodate many things and help you restore the uncluttered look of the attic. Adding more stage by using bedside tables with all the drawers is another wise way of making good use of the available space. At Hanzo Design, we’ve been creating some incredibly luxurious attic bedrooms for our clients. If you’re planning to renovate your attic, only drop us a mail or give us a call, we shall get back to you with some interesting ideas. [wl_faceted_search]
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