Designing the Kitchen Cabinets

03 Sep 2017

Designing the Kitchen Cabinets

Custom design is the most preferred option for most of us when it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets. However, irrespective of whether you’re opting for a storage solution or stylish crown mouldings, custom design of kitchen cabinets entails beautiful detailing. Our project engineers have been engaged in several interior designing projects, where some original ideas went into creating some of the finest kitchen cabinets. Here is a list of design ideas that you too can use as inspiration: Crown Molding This is one of the favourite things that most of our project managers simply love to create in a kitchen. It kind of helps the designer leave their footprint. Bridging the gap between the ceiling and the cabinets facilitates a seamless transition. Even in a traditional kitchen, it can help interior designers finish off their design in style. Matching ends Usually while designing the Mediterranean or traditional style kitchens, our designers prefer to go with the matching panels for all the cabinet ends. Decorative legs are perfect for giving that furniture-like look. Cabinets often come with a matching foot; however, you can even get it as a separate piece. One thing that needs to be ensured before installing the matching legs is space. There are a few panels that are thick (3/4 inch), depending on the manufacturer.   Decorative legs Irrespective of the design style you follow for a kitchen, table legs are bound to catch your eyes. You can always integrate them with the cabinet layout to create the perfect furniture feel. However, a few designers at Hanzo Design prefer to use the legs as a detailing element only while working with rustic or traditional designs. Dash of colour If you wish to choose a dash of blue or green colour for the kitchen cabinets, then you have a bold idea in mind. Well, sometimes even unintentional risks pay off well. You can use a splash of colours to only create a bold and bright kitchen design to make things spicy. This doesn’t imply that neutrals don’t come in – they are used in abundance as well!   Glass door fronts Use a proper glass door front to accentuate the beauty of the dazzling décor and beautiful dishware. Irrespective of whether you use seeded, frosted or transparent glass door front, your kitchen will look much more inviting and open, which is much more welcoming for the guests.   Using Mixed Doors There’s always a way out when you’re in a dilemma – balancing both the options. So if you can’t decide on the door style for your cabinets, try using both. The great blend of shaker-style cabinets and contemporary slab door fronts are bound to produce the same effects.   Styling the cabinets is one of the most interesting tasks you’ll come across while designing the kitchen for your client. It’s often good to do a bit deeper and learn about your customer’s taste before you go to your designing board. Project managers at Hanzo Design believe in creating a design that perfectly suits the personality and taste of the client. If you’re ever in doubt, only go back to your customer and ask about their preferences. Problem Solved! [wl_faceted_search]
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