Designing a Luxurious Fireplace

01 Sep 2017

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Designing a Luxurious Fireplace
At Hanzo.Design, we’ve had the pleasure of designing luxurious fireplaces for several clients. Designing a fireplace is still a very challenging job for our project managers because we try to make the most of the primal and luminous qualities of fire into creating soothing and magical ambience in the living room. Fire is lively, and its hypnotic qualities have enchanted human beings since time immemorial. Fire is our biggest inspiration while creating seamless fireplace designs matching traditional as well contemporary interior designing schemes. Here is a list of some great inspirational ideas for designing a luxurious fireplace:
Brick Fireplace
This is a classic take on the fire where ornate brickworks create the perfect reference to the charcoal as well as the ashes. You’re able to bring in the ancient truth into your modern home by choosing mirror over the fireplace. The choice of the mirror will lead the way for a traditional or modern style.




Black Slate Fireplace
You can cleverly and in a subtle manner frame the fire in your gorgeous drawing room by using a black slate. An elegantly carved wooden mantle will create a perfect symmetry between the artwork and fire. Thus, you will get a fireplace that not only draws you to creations of civilisation but also of nature.




Stone Fireplace
It’s time to let go off the mantle for a more rustic and caveman like creation made only from stone. You can use stones all the way up to the ceiling to remind you that nothing in this world is permanent; everything around us is changing.


Mosaic Tile Fireplace
It’s quite unusual to find mosaic tiles being used for fireplaces but the project managers at Hanzo Design think otherwise. They use it to create a hearth that inspires everyone in the room to only look at it as a constellation of stars in the night sky.


Antique Fireplace Mantel
No prize here for guessing that we use an antique mantel for transforming your fireplace into a jewel from the forgotten era. This design primarily suits the traditional interiors that have brilliant pieces used right from the ceiling to the furniture. Recreate the opulence and grandeur of the past century by opting for an antique fireplace mantel.




Slate Hearth
Nothing can be cooler and sleek looking than an all-slate fireplace! The design is minimal yet boasts of the masculinity and your willingness to try something new. It’s mesmeric when you have a fireplace that inspires you to look at everything around you in an entirely different way; a perspective that you have missed all these years.
Hanzo Design has been at the top of the game for quite a few years wherein our project managers have taken up a wide range of fireplace design project apart from designing the interiors of the entire property. If you too want to give your fireplace a fresh new look, just give the project managers at Hanzo Design a call and they’ll be more than glad to help you out.


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