Designing a Luxury Study

01 Sep 2017
Designing a Luxury Study It’s not necessary to create a dark and very grave-looking home study to tell your visitors that you love reading. A study need not be boring and tucked away at a spare bedroom of your property. Put in a bit of creative planning and create an appropriate design to turn your general study into a multifunctional and luxurious study. Integrate it with the living space to convert it into an important part of the entire interior designing scheme. Include all the right furniture pieces, lighting, and drapery to create an inspirational space in your house. Designers at Hanzo Design love to experiment with furniture, materials, accessories, and décor to create the perfect study for their clients. Here we will look at the individual elements that go into making a luxury study: Furniture You will need to take extra care of the furniture pieces that you use in the study. Desk and seating are the two essential furniture pieces that are often used in a study. Equipment that is placed on a functional desk includes phone, printer, computer, books, stationery, and paperwork. Now, several clients request our project managers to design multifunctional desk where even their kids can do homework. For all such projects, we try to create a design wherein the desk is built along the wall and also provide it with extra storage space. Just above the desk, we also create shelves with appropriate lighting to highlight the books. At times we even install some artwork to create the classy feel of a luxurious study. As far as the seating is concerned, it’s important to include some comfortable seating in the study so that the client or any of their family members can relax and even spend some quality time together. Usually, it’s a chair grouping or a grand leather sofa that acts as the perfect seating for both relaxing and reading. Even the guests and the client can come in and take a relaxing break from work.     Materials The luxurious study design is all about the soft velvets, sumptuous leathers, fabrics with rich textures and chenille. You have to choose the drapery and upholstery fabrics that are both tasteful and functional while adding a very welcoming feel to the study. For the wooden furniture pieces, it’s mandatory to use walnut, oak and mahogany with darker shades that have a richer tone. You can create the perfect Walnut credenza and desk with all the hand polished brass hardware to create the luxurious ambience instantly. In case the client wants a contemporary styling, you can choose to go with elm, birch, and teak. Accessories and Décor Accessories like the music system or the larger TV screen will add the entertainment factor to a study, and they must be installed in shelves to create the ultimate luxury look and feel. The décor has to be adjusted as per the interior designing theme of your study, which often swings from classy to contemporary. Irrespective of the client’s demand, one thing that remains the same throughout the project is the luxury ambience. Everything else has to be designed and installed to make the room look luxurious. If you want to get deeper insights on luxury study designs, you can get in touch with our project managers; they will be more than glad to guide you. [wl_faceted_search]
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