How to Ensure Your Interior Design is Timeless

31 Aug 2017

Interior design is like fashion – new trends pop up every year. While most of the trends fade away, certain pieces have stood the test of time and remain impressive year after year. To build a beautiful space that will still be as impressive in 10 years as it is today, you need to use time-tested interior décor themes.
Since you’ll be spending a significant amount of money on your interior design project, putting together an interior décor theme that is bound to go out of style in a year or two is counterproductive. You want your space to remain beautiful indefinitely.
Hanzo Design has figured out what it takes to put together a timeless interior décor. To begin, here are some tips:

1. Discover Your Design Goals

Before you can design anything meaningful, you must first have an idea what look and feel you want to achieve. Any interior design project is an art project, and all good art must first conceive in mind.
You might not always get all you want, but if you define it clearly, you might come close. Even with a limited budget, excellent interior designers such as Hanzo Design can always put together a beautiful, timeless design.

2. Materials and Colors

Materials and colours were chosen immensely affect the look and feel of a room. While bold colour combinations may be trendy and excite the senses, they often go out of style quickly as new and better colour combinations come along. To prevent this, use neutral colours. Not only are neutral colours timeless, but they also communicate style and class. Nonetheless, you don’t want your space to be dull. You can supplement the neutral colours by having colourful accessories at strategic points in the room.
As far as materials are concerned, natural beats artificial. To achieve timelessness while not sacrificing class and beauty, you can use time-tested natural materials such as silk, stone, granite, oak, and wool.

3. Sophistication

If a room doesn’t look sophisticated or luxurious now, it probably won’t 5 or 10 years from now. Timelessness does not mean dull. To achieve timelessness, you want to create something elegant that will remain beautiful as years go by. Pay attention to functionality as practicality should never be sacrificed for superficial beauty. A stylish and practical design will seldom go out of style.

4. Add Vintage Pieces

Antique pieces will do better than modern collectables over time. If you aren’t sure what to use, err on the side of vintage pieces. Such pieces, if made from high-quality materials, will still be as functional and beautiful ten years from now as they are today.

5. Be Timeless

If you want your interior design to be timeless, don’t restrict the pieces and materials to just one period in history. Mix it up. You can add interesting modern collectables among the vintage pieces while still retaining a timeless look. Not only will it look beautiful, but it will also look uniquely classy.
While a timeless look is not always an easy thing to achieve, Hanzo Design has the fundamental concepts down and can help you create almost any timeless look you want.[wl_faceted_search]

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