Entranceway Design Inspiration

01 Sep 2017
At Hanzo.Design, our interior designers have too often faced a common query: Is it important to devote too much time and effort into designing the entranceway? After all, it’s just the entranceway, and people won’t spare even a minute looking at it! Well, the truth is completely different. The entranceway is the first thing that your guests notice, so t has to be intriguing and welcoming. You set the standard of the interior design by putting in extra efforts on the entranceway. Entranceways are usually spacious, so you can use quite a few furniture and accessories to create a design that suits the client’s lifestyle and personality. However, you’ll need to make some real tough choices while choosing furniture and accessories for decorating the entranceway. Designing the entranceway means that you will have to keep certain things in mind and the most important of them all is to create a storage space. Yes, people often use the entranceway to store their bags, shoes, hats, coats, accessories etc. However, you have to design storage without taking up too much of the floor space. There are several other things used in designing the entranceway such as a table, decorative accessories like vases, and a carpet or rug to make the space more alluring and welcoming for the visitors. Lighting of the entranceway is equally important, and you can either use a chandelier or even pendant light to create the right ambience, only if the ceiling height is appropriate. We even use scones on the walls to highlight specific areas of the entranceway. If you too believe that entranceway sets the tone for the interior designing scheme of your property, then here is a list of some inspiring entranceway designs: Elegance All the Way: With the custom ceiling design and a classy chandelier, the iron front door creates the old world charm. This high-quality metal door will maintain its look for years to come without needing too much maintenance. Design Courtesy: Lori Dennis. Stunning Architecture: You can create the most attractive entranceway by investing a little more time on the architectural details. This architectural design has inspired our designers to try something new and classy with some projects this year. Old World Appeal: Frank Lloyd Right created one of the best entranceway designs of the century by using the prairie grills that retains its charm even after several decades. Go for the old world appeal if you appreciate the classy designs. Sophistication All the Way: If you wish to create a hospitable and welcoming for your guests then choose one of the best entranceways that reflects your client’s personality. Lively Colors: The use of colours by designers is hailed as a designer’s ultimate vision of an interior designing scheme. This design has a flamboyant red door pitted against a blue background to create the perfect contrast. You can always drop in at our Hanzo.Design office to discuss your interior designing project. We have some great project managers to guide you through the process. [wl_faceted_search]
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