Extend Kitchen in 3 Affordable Ways

Kitchen extensions are an important aspect of home value addition and improvement. The practice of adding many rooms has become obsolete. In the past, homeowners preferred a separate dining room from a utility room. Today, homeowners prefer to extend kitchen to create an open-plan.

Nowadays, people regard the kitchen as the lifeblood of a home. In fact, a house with a practical and spacious kitchen sells like a hot cake. It sells even more if it is user-friendly, inspiring and has enough worksurfaces.

Thus, you can extend a kitchen only, but the value of your home will increase significantly. Focus on creating a desirable kitchen. You will reap immense returns on your investment. Plan to up-size kitchen according to your budget, available space and house type.

1. Build an Orangery to Extend Kitchen

It is cheaper to build either an orangery or a conservatory than to build a single-storey extension. It is the most cost-effective and hassle-free way to extend the kitchen area. What separates an orangery from a conservatory is brickwork.

Whereas a conservatory has full glazing, an orangery has a flat glazing or solid roof. You can install your kitchen appliance such as fridge on the solid wall of an orangery when creating an open-plan space

2. Extend the Single Storey

There is a trend towards extending the rear of a house to create room for a single storey. When you add a transparent off-the-shelve bi-folding glass door, the kitchen becomes even more attractive. With a budget of as little as between £10,000 and £15,000, you can create a dream kitchen within your means.

You do not have to budget for Planning Permission. Building Regulations classify single-storey extensions as acceptable. However, apply for planning permission if your neighbourhood is a Conservation Area. Also, apply if you have a listed property.

Consult your local estate agents before you commence your project. You will be surprised to discover that the size required to extend a kitchen limits the extension degree. The nearness of your house to driveways also limits it.

The practice of mating kitchen and guestroom to create an open plan kitchen is in vogue. It creates one large space with sliding doors separating each room. You can divide the room into dining, cooking and relaxing rooms by closing the sliding doors.

How to extend kitchen in Japan
Above: A large Japanese room divided into zones by furniture to extend kitchen

An open book shelves, and furniture can act as a distinct boundary between the three areas while maintaining an open feel. You can also divide the space using colour by employing different tones to each zone.

3. Extend Kitchen Roof

You can match the extension with the original house by extending a roof. Also, you can extend a roof through fitting it with either a conservatory glazing or a parapet. Thus, you can fit your extension with either a flat roof or a flat orangery roof. The extension roof is very vulnerable to the regulations of acceptable development. However, you should take into account the effect of ridge height on the first-storey windows.

Finally, the practice of extending the rear of your home to create a kitchen is one of the most cost-effective and hassle-free ways of increasing your home’s value and extra space. An open plan kitchen not only guarantees you higher returns but its benefits are immeasurable. You need to be clever to extend kitchen cost-effectively and hassle-freely.

Hanzo Design has a dedicated team of innovative kitchen designers. They will guide you on how you can optimally reorganise your kitchen layout. Moreover, they will consider space, efficiency and convenience when designing a kitchen layout.

They know how to reorganise cooktop, refrigerator and sink to form an efficient work triangle. Also, we are committed to make your kitchen a haven of cooking and dining. We will do our level best to ensure your kitchen accurately captures your needs and style. If you have already developed your floor plan, we will be happy to incorporate it into our design considerations.

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