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Kitchen Extensions in 3 Ways

The practice of mastering the art of re-aligning the layout of your kitchen is very important. An ideal kitchen is one that is practical, user-friendly, spacious, rich in worksurfaces and inspiring. However, that is not to say that extending a kitchen is a tedious job. Kitchen extensions should take your budget and preferences into account.

If you are clever enough, you can attain your dream kitchen with a limited budget. Extending can open you up to an unending flow of opportunities for your house and kitchen extensions. I have compiled three ways, which can steer you towards attaining the kitchen you have been yearning for. Let us take a look.

1. Know Your Dream Kitchen

The first thing you need to do before embarking on extending is to create a list of what is present and what is absent in your kitchen. What aspects of your kitchen do you like? Which ones do you dislike? List them separately. Also, you can evaluate the sufficiency and user-friendliness of your kitchen’s worksurfaces. Also, evaluate the workable storage areas for food and appliances for the same parameters.

Keep a list of what annoys you separately from a list of what you like about your kitchen. For example, consider whether the location of your kitchen appliances such as fridge obstructs access to the top of the kitchen counter.

Second, research on appealing designs of a kitchen. It can be a style a retro inspires or a look of stainless-steel, which a cutting edge covers. Moreover, it can bean ultra-modern-looking kitchen made of marbles and glass. You also need to be sure whether colour or texture is important to you.

kitchen extensions
Above: Cabinetry separating a diner  space from scullery to create open-plan kitchen extensions

2. Add More Worksurfaces

The location of work surfaces in your kitchen determines your feeling of belonging to that action part. Try as much as possible to create enough uninterrupted worksurfaces connected to a hob. This makes way for smooth food preparation.

Moreover, you can add shelf storage and a workable drawer for a movable block of cooking. You can also extend the original countertop to create new worksurfaces and a breakfast bar. You do not have to do this using the same material, however. Also, you can “hide” and streamline your countertop using a toughened glass.

Also, you can call into action a pull-down table behind a decorative shutter when it is necessary to prepare food or eat. You can create a feeling of space and a focal point if you suspend a floating unit from a ceiling. Alternatively, you can hang the floating unit off a wall.

You can rearrange the cabinet rank in the middle of the kitchen to face the living room. In case there are panels, which are taller than the cabinet ranks, ensure that the rank’s clutter is hidden. This design suits a galley kitchen.

Also, you can install a bigger sink. You should create a room for a vegetable sink, bowl or a double sink.

3. Optimize Storage Spaces

You can alter wall storage to make your kitchen look more practical. Then, you can supplement a fridge with storage cupboards. Hence, you must add a movable space of drawers and shelves and a unit of the pull-out larder.

You can visit apothecaries to source floor-to-ceiling glass cabinets for your small, high-ceilinged kitchen. For a spacious high-ceiling kitchen, you can add wooden cube cabinets to make your kitchen look economical.

If your kitchen is separated from your living room by a lobby, do not make it have an appearance of a serving hatch. For a spacious kitchen, you can install worksurfaces, which should mate the flanks of the living room with the kitchen. Place these matching worksurfaces perpendicularly and not parallel to the lobby. Suspend surfaces to maximise the space floor.

In summary, a practical kitchen with sufficient space and worksurfaces sells like a hot cake. If you're a property owner, this is one area of opportunity where you will not like to let pass.

Hanzo Design has a dedicated team of innovative kitchen designers. They will guide you on how you can optimally reorganise your kitchen layout. Moreover, they will consider space, efficiency and convenience when designing a kitchen layout.

They know how to reorganise cooktop, refrigerator and sink to form an efficient work triangle. Also, we are committed to make your kitchen a haven of cooking and dining. We will do our level best to ensure your kitchen accurately captures your needs and style.

If you have already developed your floor plan, we will be happy to incorporate it into our design considerations.

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