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Cheap Bathroom Extension Designs

Whether be it updating, converting, extending or renovating an existing bathroom, the practice of planning and researching bathroom design is important to project success. You need to have a scale floor plan when designing a cheap bathroom.

A bathroom is one of the most important areas of a house. Home buyers look at the bathroom when deciding to purchase a new home. A more spacious and cheaper bathroom is more likely to sell than a tinier bathroom. However, what are these cheap bathroom designs, you need to be cognizant of when adding home value?

The following are tips on how you can cleverly turn your bathroom into a valuable asset. Let us take a look.

1. Plan Your Bathroom

First of all, you will need to design a floor plan of scale for bathroom extension. This plan should consider the available space, which should be equivalent to a proposed area. The implication of lack of a floor plan is that you either relocate or promote a sloppy design.

Also, you can choose to add an opening of natural light, but this is not the most important aspect of bathroom design. You can install an external extractor fan connected internally through a duct instead of a window. Moreover, your design should also consider sewer availability. Optionally, you can utilize a vent pipe and available soil to save on costs and make work easier.

A floor plan can either be digital or printed. It enables you to experiment with different layouts through graphics or scale cut-outs. Hence, you can download and incorporate the dimensions of a plan of any sanitaryware specs into your proposed layout. Tools of design are freely available on company websites.


Cheap bathroom design
Above: A bathroom of a listed property fitted with a vintage find décor and with a period-style sanitaryware

2. Hire a Bathroom Designer

If you are unable to design a bathroom layout on your own, you should hire the services of an expert. Alternatively, you can seek bathroom design services. Design-and-build companies regularly host a showroom. They are always ready to offer you installation services.

3. Know Building Regulations

You need to know what building regulations in your locality say about bathroom renovation.  There are provisos with regards to wiring, cabling, drainage, hygiene, safety and so on. Ensure that the pressure and flow rate of hot water are enough for all installations. Also, you need to consult a plumber for more information about cheap bathroom designs.

You will realise that your boiler needs improvement. You will also realise that you need a bigger cylinder of hot water. Besides, you should change your pressure system to unvented mains. You may need to purchase pressure pumps, improve mains supply and install a water heater. Finally, do not forget to budget for these adjustments.

4. Make Quality Decisions

The size of your project depends on how much work is necessary to build walls, change services and upgrade the floor. However, the quality of fixtures and fittings is a major determinant of cost. If you have budget constraints, you can opt for basic quality, which includes, but it’s not limited to, vinyl flooring, radiator, ceramic tiles, central lighting and do-it-yourself taps.

The government levies a 20% value-added tax on prices. If budget allows you, go for excellent quality fittings and fixtures such as designer-range taps and sanitaryware. Furthermore, your budget should allow you to install task lighting, mood lighting, and ambient lighting. Also, you can install underfloor heating, stone vanity tops,  and a heated tower rail. You can also install floor and wall tiling, and bath surround

5. Select Ideal Temperatures

Underfloor heating can provide ideal temperatures for your bathroom and more so if your bathroom is small. If a radiator system is present, then you can extend it to include a circuit of underfloor heating and insulation, with timber joists sandwiching the pipes. It’s easy to install a circuit for underfloor heating. It does not significantly raise the floor level.

So, plan your bathroom design well, and you will save a lot of costs. A cheap bathroom design does not come cheaply. You have to source cheap materials. Finally, you also need to know where to source the services of a professional cheaply.

Here at Hanzo Design, we have a large pool of rich talent in bathroom design. We can accurately draw a floor plan, wall sections, door schedules, foundations, window schedules and so on. Your tastes and needs influence our design of computer-aided design drawings of your bathroom.

We can advise you on sections of "permitted development". Since we are knowledgeable about the requirements of the law, we will make things easier for you. If you wish to contact us, please do not hesitate to drop us a line soon. Thank you.

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