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Home Value Addition in 6 Ways: Home Buying Market in the UK

Property value does not just increase on its own. You have to know what drives home value addition. There are market drivers one of which is what you do to your property. You have to put in the effort. That includes either working your way up the rung of property hierarchy or adding more value to your existing home.

The property market is not a bed of roses. The value, tastes and preferences of home buyers can change and affect your property value. Hence, you should be able to keep up with the trends in the real-estate market to know what your buyers want. Home value addition depends on how effectively you respond to the needs and wants of your buyers.

I’ve compiled ways to which you can add value to your home with a limited budget. Let’s take a look!

1. Converting Attics

You can easily and cheaply convert your attics to create extra space for bedroom or even a bathroom. You can get an architect or structural engineer to inspect the loft and give you a report on what ought to be done to maximize its potential. Finally, loft conversion requires a strong floor joist.

Home value addition through converting a loft
Above: A loft that has been converted into a guest room

2. Converting Garages

Do not leave your car garage idle. You can convert it to an invaluable living space. Home buyers will find your home more attractive if you upgrade your garage. If off-road parking is available, then you have nothing to lose. In fact, your garage has the potential to become a guestroom, playroom or even a bathroom.

3. Converting Gardens

This alternative is practical where there is no adequate parking space. You can always convert your garden into an off-street parking lot. The Building Regulations require a permit for this plan, however. What you will get regarding value is nothing compared to the planning permission fees.

home garden parking
Above: You can always create a parking space in your home garden

4. Building a Conservatory

Adding a conservatory is not costly. What you need to get right, though, is how you are going to mate it with the style of the original home. Be sure to install flooring, which is equal to the ground floor.

Above: A home conservatory

5. Adding a Single-Storey or Double-Storey Extension

An extension of the first and second floors could prove costly. It should not be recommended if you look for the cheapest way for home value addition. A single-storey extension could cost as much as £1000 per square metre. Nevertheless, it could see your home’s value increasing by between 5% and 10%. You will need to apply for planning permission, though.

single-storey extension
Above: Adding an extra floor to your house

Hence, it is good to consult a local estate agent to get an idea of what is trending in the area. Make sure your plan falls within your budget. If you discover that most of your neighbours do single-storey extensions, you can opt for extending your kitchen, instead. Do not forget to add a glass sliding door to overlook your garden.

If a ground floor bathroom is absent, you can add. Besides, the value of your property can increase by as much as 20% if you build a double-storey extension, which can accommodate an extra bedroom and kitchen upstairs.

6. Extending Your Kitchen

It has become a vogue to regard a kitchen as the heart of your home. Hence, you should not take investment in your kitchen lightly. Investigate what is an ideal kitchen for most home buyers. Consult a kitchen designer to identify potential areas of your kitchen.

home value addition
Above: You can always create a kitchen, which is unique to your preferences

Therefore, the cost of a new kitchen should mate with the value of your property. Ensure that you do not spend more than 5% of your property value if you are serious about getting your money back.

To sum up, wise up and invest in areas that can guarantee you maximum returns on your investment. If you are looking for the cleverest ways of home value addition, invest in a decent kitchen. This is because the kitchen is where most home buyers look to when purchasing a new home.

Hanzo Design believes the extension is an effective way to improve your home significantly. That is why our dedicated team of professionals is always ready to assist you with home extension services. While this undertaking may not be a bed of roses, we treat your burden in this regard as ours.

We understand that applying for planning permission is a tedious process. We are delighted to let you know that we can help you earn approval with relative ease. Our professionals are knowledgeable about the requirements of the local building codes and laws.

We do not let obstacles stand in our way no matter how big. However, this is not to say that we treat smaller projects differently. We offer due diligence. It is our job.  Let us know if you wish to hire our services.

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