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Certificate of Lawfulness Application: Four-Year Rule Planning

We all have the innate tendency to circumvent rules and laws. This is because law comes with costs and hassles, which we would like to distance ourselves from. That is why we have always come up with clever ways to avoid them. One of which is to obtain the certificate of lawfulness instead of planning permission. The four-year rule planning is perhaps what many restaurateurs and landlords use to do development without planning permission.

Then, it comes as no surprise to find that landlords turn their family homes into houses of multiple occupations (HMOs) or flats without planning permission. They do so in the hope of receiving a Certificate of Lawfulness four years down the line. Similarly, restaurateurs can convert a retail shop into a restaurant, expecting to receive a certificate after ten years.

At Hanzo Design, our dedicated team of experts can help you obtain a Certificate of Lawfulness with ease.

Certificate of Lawfulness

It is documentation, which the law requires. We can assist you to apply for the certificate regularly. If you have been worrying about the “notice of enforcement”, then this certificate is the antidote. That is why we will regularise your use of the building without planning permission.

If you look to subdivide your house into multiple units or flats and rent them out, the 4-year rule can help you regularise an irregular and unlawful use of your property or land.

Thus, we can shield you from the Council’s enforcement notice because we can help you obtain the Certificate of Lawfulness.

certificate of lawfulness
Above: At Hanzo Design, we can draw up for you planning drawings and policy documents

When you Need not Planning Permission

You can keep on applying for the certificate to determine whether to continue with your building project without consent. You cannot sell your property without the certificate. This certificate is also necessary when you apply for a re-mortgage.

How to Apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness

We can help you with necessary policy documents and planning drawings, which the Council requires to proceed with the application. Thus, we can draw up for you:

  • Location plan
  • Report of access statement and design
  • Block plan
  • Scale planning drawing
  • Utility bills
  • Renting details
  • Letters from contractors, suppliers and neighbours
  • Invoice receipts for commodities
  • Filled application form
  • Council tax bills
  • Dated photos

This list can go on and on. If you look to obtain the certificate, please contact us. You can also get a quote from us.

certificate of lawfulness london
Above: A Council can issue you with a lawfulness certificate

We can prove to the Council that the purpose of your property remains unaltered every four years, despite you altering the structure. Also, we can prove that the intensity level of development is consistent throughout the four-year period. Hence, our experience is unmatched.

In summary, we can demonstrate a consistent history of use of the property throughout the four consecutive years. We would be glad to offer you professional advice; hence, increasing the chance of application receiving a consent. Finally, we can take actions to shield you from the “notice of enforcement”.

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