Attic bedroom design

Attic Bedroom Tips for Best Designs

Do you intend to add an extra room? You can convert your attic into a bedroom. With proper planning and guidance, you could be on your way to achieving that unique and stylish bedroom that you have been yearning for. Fortunately, you can transform any attic, despite the shape of its ceilings and its small size, into an outstanding attic bedroom that you would always look forward to resting.

Attic conversion is a puzzling way of adding space in a house, which is already packed. It is puzzling in the sense that attic bedrooms can have pitched or angled ceilings, which can confound interior designers.

Luckily, though, you can always maximise the space and light in your attic bedroom.

If your attic is large enough, you can convert it into a guestroom. If it is small that you cannot create a bedroom out of it, you can still convert it into a home office, bathroom or storage area.

There is no other place in your house other than the attic bedroom that has the potential to receive ample light. You can always open up the roof and dormer windows.

Also, you can always add skylights. Spice it up by retaining only essential stuff and furniture to enhance the feel of space and airiness. You can also repaint its walls to create the same feeling.

Let us look at some ideas, which fit any shape, style and size.

Choose Scandinavian Style

Your attic bedroom has potential to receive a lot of natural daylight and moonlight. One of the ways to maximise the natural light is to install a large skylight on the roof’s centre directly above the attic. Hence, light can penetrate all the four corners of the room.

attic bedroom
Above: Scandi style loft bedroom

Most attics often come with storage and bed whose colours agree with the faded wood flooring. These built-in features can enhance the feel of airiness. Moreover, you can spruce your attic bedroom up with colour pops and simplistic but luxurious textiles.

Create Summerlike Feel

Weather changes throughout the year according to the four climatic seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring. However, do you know that you can create a tropical feel out of your attic bedroom? Yes. You can opt for tropical colours like orange and deep yellow.

Then, you can spice up your room further with decorations and textures to avoid a bland look. Moreover, you can decorate bedside tables with pearl flower colouring and top them up with shades of palm-print and pineapple lamp. You can also include an upholstered carpet and a warm-coloured thrown.

Import Nature Inside

You can also deceive your mind into thinking that a tree suspends your house. It is simple. You just combine two skylights on either side of the pitched roof.

Also, you can also add glass panels to the staircase and organic materials to create a feel of open space. Thus, your attic can become the best place to lay on your back staring at the sky and stars during the day and at night.

Attic bedroom
Above: A loft bedroom with skylights instead of dormer windows

Give Your Attic a Romantic Vibe

Use white shades only to draw the eye horizontally and vertically by add cushions and throws to create a feel of shabbiness and romance. Furthermore, you can suspend a mural to trick the eye vertically away from the bed height and legs of the bedside tables.

Make Your Attic Bedroom a Place for Fun

Children should love spending time in the attic. Ensure that your attic has a height that you can work with comfortably. Moreover, remove clutter and unnecessary furniture to create enough space for playing. The recession of neutral grey walls draws eyes towards decorations of soft furnishings, bunks and ceiling map.

attic bedroom
Above: A spacious attic bedroom with extra space for child's play

Always spice up your attic bedroom with materials, which draw the eye horizontally and upwards away from the legs of bedside tables and the bed.

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