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Bathroom Extensions in 6 Ways

The secret to successful bathroom extensions lies in a clever re-arrangement of the layout. Everyone desires and deserves a spacious bathroom. You can extend your bathroom in a way that fits your budget and style.

A decent bathroom is spacious. You do not have to break your bank to build bathroom extensions of your dreams. With proper planning and research, you should be able to add meaningful value to your home. Do not forget that home buyer look at the bathroom when making purchasing decisions.

You have a wide variety of choices to make when extending your bathroom. However, one thing is common to all of these options. The bathroom extensions should create enough leg room and floor space. Also, your bathroom should be easy to clean.

I have compiled some tips on how you can design your bathroom cost-effectively and hassle-freely. Let us look at them one by one.

1. Mounting Toilet on a Wall

You can take advantage of enough space afforded by your bathroom wall to mount a toilet. This undertaking can free a lot of legroom and floor space. If you find mounting difficult, you can add shelving on top of the toilet tank to create more room for storage. Alternatively, you can extend above a vanity to produce a thin ledge.

Bathroom extensions through wall-mounting toilet
Above: Suspending a toilet on wall

2. Adding Walls Made of Mirror

Rather than extend your bathroom physically, you can make the entire wall of your bathroom to be a mirror. A mirror wall will trick you into thinking that your bathroom is larger than what you have. Hence, add significantly to the feel and look of a tiny room. However, you do not have to add a mirror on every side your bathroom. The mirror should also come on top of a vanity.

Bathroom Suites interior design
Above: An open plan bathroom with mirror walls

3. Replacing Bathroom Curtains With a Frameless Glass Panel

Your bathroom does not need a curtain. Your bathroom will be more hygienic and manageable without a curtain. Curtains also block a considerable segment of your vision. Hence, you can replace bathroom curtains with a frameless glass panel. It will make your bathroom to have enough light.

bathroom with glass panel
Above: This small bathroom does not have bathtub and curtains but has a sliding glass panel

It’s not difficult to install a frameless glass panel. You can choose to install either a fixed or hinged glass panel. Nonetheless, a sliding glass panel is not suitable because it is a pain to clean the top and bottom grooves of tracks.

4. Mounting a Small Sink and Suspending a Vanity

A wall-mounted sink can excellently conserve wall space. It can also create a feel and look of open space. Moreover, you can suspend and mount a vanity on a wall to create a storage space. You should go for a thin-edge design of washbasins and sinks. However, the strength of ceramic is independent of thickness.

Bathroom Decoration
Above: A bathroom with suspended sink and vanity.

5. Removing Bathtub

Let us be honest. A small bathroom does not need a bathtub. It consumes a lot of floor space. Getting rid of the bathtub altogether can go a long way to opening your bathroom. Furthermore, you can instead add a hand shower. However, if you have children, you can go for a tub of lower height to ensure that they can get in and out easily.

bathroom without bath
Above: A bathroom with a small bathtub and glass-door panels

6.Adding a Hinged Pocket Door

Bathroom extensions made out of a hinged pocket door
Above: A hinged pocket door

The pocket door should swing inwardly. Installation is simple. However, you just have to knock on your wall. This can help you create about 100m2 of the area of practical space out of nothing. More area affords you the flexibility to place your fixtures, too. Alternatively, you can source hardware of a sliding door and mount it on the surface to produce a modern sliding door.

In conclusion, we have learned six ways in which you can take advantage of the available space of your bathroom. A decent bathroom should not be tiny. Instead, a bathroom user should feel and see an open space. Bathroom extensions should take your style and budget into account.

Hanzo Design has a very talented pool of architects who can design a detailed floor plan for your bathroom. Our professional bathroom designers will evaluate your home and collect information about style and scale. Hence, our draughtsmen will generate detailed and precise computer-aided design drawings out of measurement and style quickly.

We will prepare for you documentation for planning permissions for submission and approval. The documentation entails the requirements of floor plans, foundations, wall sections, roof plans, house sections, window schedules, potential elevations, door schedules and so on.


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