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Build House Yourself or Fix it in London

Do you want to get to grips with do-it-yourself tips for home maintenance? It can be disappointing not perform ‘simple’ works as build house yourself. Occasionally, it puzzles you to understand how difficult it is to hire someone to perform these tasks on your behalf. It can be even more baffling to understand why they charge you for that service. Worry no more.

Even though self-build may sound like an attractive option as far as budget constraints are concerned, it is good to weigh the risks against the benefits. Thus, do-it-yourself projects are not as glamorous as they sound; they may turn out be the worst nightmare for you.

build house yourself
Above: Home sweet home; a product of your success and hard work. But, first things first. To enjoy a dream home, you have to channel in the right resources and effort.

Plan and Research

So, do not just skimp on planning; doing things on a whim can hurt you in the end. Home renovation or construction carries a lot of unforeseen circumstances; hence, prepare to make difficult adjustments. Not to mention, you are more likely to mess up your precious edifice if you are a first-time do-it-yourselfer.

Hence, it is a good idea to learn from other self-builders. Listen to their regrets. Like, look at how Jacqueline Curtis describes her worst mistakes on her blog,

“If I could go back and restart the process, I would have done several things differently. First, I would have spent more time thinking about whether the decision to build the home was even right for us. After making sure our budget could handle what we needed in a home, then I would have given the go-ahead. Luckily we had just enough money to cover the expenses-but it could have turned out to be a disaster.”

What Curtis is implying here is that not everyone can self-build. But, self-building is an affordable gateway to earning your dream home. Heartbreaking? Unfortunately, yes.

Build house yourself
Above: A lot goes into getting your dream. That includes structural and accounting calculations for your budget and expenses.

If you are confident about taking the bull by the horn, then I have compiled some tips to steer your away from landing into financial ruin when you build your house. Let us take a look!

Consider Your Budget

Set a realistic budget when you build the house yourself. Always make adjustments for the unforeseen expenses to avoid surprises. Ensure that you:

  • Find out about architect fees, ongoing land costs, fixtures, fittings, materials, builders and anything else, which is necessary to build a new house.
  • How much disposable income you have versus the mammoth financial commitment you face. Is your income sustainable?
  • Consider the current costs. Are you able to service your mortgage or loan during the period of construction?

Seek Planning Permission

It is illegal to start to build the house yourself without planning permission. So, do not risk having your local Council impose an “enforcement notice”. You will not want to undo the work of your precious time, effort and resources. Hence, do not rush buying a plot of land without checking and confirming whether it has planning permission.

A schematic drawing is just but one element of architectural services
Above: An architectural plan is a document required for planning permission application

Choose the Right Location

You cannot build the house yourself without a plot. So, what is the right location? Well, it depends on your budget and availability of land. I would rather you browse for land in as many locations as possible. Consult widely. Do not limit your consultation to the local estate agents. Go online, too. Find out about ongoing auctions of land from property websites.

Also, find out whether farmers, utility companies or land developers possess any land for development in your locality. Investigate whether they are willing to sell land. Visit Homes & Communities Agency to find out if there is any plot being sold.

Importantly, your choice of an area depends on the security, transport network and availability of learning facilities.

Buy a Plot

Once you confirm that everything is in order, then you can begin bargaining on the plot’s asking price. Then, you can make an offer. Therefore, start low and elevate it if the landowner refused the first. Do not forget to pay stamp duty on the plot cost not on the value of a completed property.

build your house
Above: Always check with your local planning authorities whether your land lies in a permitted area of development

Finally, you need to plan thoroughly and know exactly what you want. An architect can help you visualise your ideas in ways you cannot imagine. Ask your architect for references to records of past work, including previous client’s testimonials or case studies.

At Hanzo Design, we will steer you in the right direction. We will guide you on what tasks you need to do them yourself and what tasks you need to leave to experts. Furthermore, you will get insights into when it is ripe to hire someone to assist you.

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