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Design and Build Houses: Step-by-Step Guidelines

Before building begins in earnest, you have to design and plan. You need design and build guidelines to steer you in the right direction. With the help of designers and architects who are skilful in project management, your project is more likely to succeed.

Know Your Style

It is a good idea to know your style to avoid disappointments later on. Remember that your style keeps on changing over time. You can hire an interior designer or an architect to help you visualise your desire exactly. They will look at what colours, layouts, purpose, elements and themes you prefer. It is upon you to consult with your design and build planners and surveyors to help you materialise your ideas. An architect would inspect your building, looking at whether your budget, your property and the requirements of the Building Regulations meet your needs.
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Above: Minimalist house design

Make Your Dreams a Reality

Once an architect or a designer captures your ideas, they will create schematic drawings and sketches. If you want the best out of your design and build project, collaborate with them. Be elaborate on what you want. I am sure they would transform your ideas into a set of plans to build your home. If you are an ardent do-it-yourselfer, then it is advisable that you inform your contractors of what building materials you want to obtain on your own. They will guide accordingly, but you will notice that you cannot procure specific materials without their help. Ensure that you offer them all your feedback and thoughts. You should be exhaustive as far as ideas are concerned. Luckily, your architect is always ready to revise a plan for a build phase until when you think the plan captures all your wishes and desires.

Ask for a Three-dimensional Representation of Your Ideas

Architects are good at manipulating different spaces. They can juggle various angles, numbers and lines, creating opportunities out of nothing. They can not only represent your ideas accurately on paper using detailed sketches, but they also offer you a three-dimensional rendition.
design and build
Above: A detailed plan drawing being made
Fortunately, most architects do not charge you for this service nor do they charge for revisions. These drawings detail the look of the new environment. Moreover, these three-dimensional drawings will walk you through space, enabling you to view the space from all angles. In case you notice something is amiss, notify them and they will make changes following your wishes. We must ensure that you are satisfied fully.
3d architectural drawing
Above: Three dimensional architectural drawing

Seek Statutory Approval

It is good to consult your local estate agents and the local planning authority to be sure about the requirements of the Building Regulations. Therefore, you will realise that some aspects of your design and build require planning permission. What your architects and planners will do is to create detailed plans and necessary policy documents. Then, the will forward the paperwork to your local planning authority to await approval. Usually, it takes you around eight weeks to receive approval. The process of obtaining planning approval is often frustrating because the Council may add you more requirements. Moreover, it is not a guarantee that your application will receive authorisation. That is where we come in. Luckily, at Hanzo Design, our professionals will save you a lot of hassles. We can increase the chances of you getting planning permission. Also, we can guide you and offer you tips to succeed in your project. We liaise and work closely with the Council; hence, we can negotiate for you better deals, enabling you to receive approval within no time.

Seek Permission for Building Control

Your building requires an authorisation. Do not worry, though. We will assist you with structural calculations and reports. Also, we can accelerate the process.

Prepare to Build

You need to obtain a quote to know your budget. A detailed quote shows how you use every penny for every item or activity, including adjustments for unforeseen expenses. With a background in project management and accounting, our professionals know what it takes to make your project successful.

Build and Sign off

The worst is behind you and what remains is to begin construction. With project management background, our architects will oversee your entire project.They will create a detailed program, which shows what and who is on site at the right time. This will ensure that your project proceeds smoothly. All in all, if you are looking to start a building project, whether it be constructing a new house, extending an existing house, or refurbishing your interior, feel free to contact us. [wl_chord]
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