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Dream Kitchen in 5 Easy Ways

The practice of building an extension of a kitchen is very important to house value addition and creation of extra space. Kitchen extension is one of the many alternatives you can use to maximise a small kitchen. Fortunately, you don't have to break your bank to attain a dream kitchen.

There are so many ways to make proper use of a tiny kitchen. Extending is just but one of the many options available. Also, it can create opportunities for cooking, relaxing, dining, entertaining and working.

Alternatively, you can add doors that lead to a garden. Moreover, you can create an outside feel and look inside, or you can even create a shifting space for fun.

While it is easier to say than do, it is advisable to get it right from the beginning. Remember that you have to live with whatever you will do to your home. So, think about it carefully, as any mistake can prove costly in the long run.

Let us have a look at five easy ways you can modify your kitchen to achieve your dreams. Here they are!

1. Knocking Through Dividing Wall

You should knock down a wall separating a dining room from a kitchen. This can free up some space for creating a new kitchen with a diner or a living room. Hence, an open plan style living demands you to get rid of a dividing wall. However, you cannot do this task alone.

You need the help of a structural engineer lest you may end up damaging your precious edifice because of load bearing. Alternatively, you can erect a rolled steel joist to supplant the wall, but you will have to put up with more costs and interruptions.

A dream kitchen resulting from knocking down the walls of a Victorian home
Above: A dream kitchen results by knocking down the walls of a Victorian home

2. Adding on a Side Return

You can choose to blend a traditional style of your Victorian home with modernity. You can change a bland galley into a more spacious and well-lit kitchen. Also, you can do a side return. Furthermore, the practice of glazing a roof and adding it over the underutilised gap behind your dining table flanking your walls is useful in adding more light.

3. Extending Room Out

The practice of creating an external protrusion is appropriate if plot space and budget are enough. A larger protrusion eats into your compound, but it is arguably the best way to create enough room for your dream kitchen. Therefore, you can bring the outside feel of a garden into inside using bi-fold glass doors.

You will stand to enjoy the summer weather from outside inside. This style can package the summer weather as an ideal sensation of alfresco dining for your Victorian home. If you own a Georgian townhouse, then you can add a contemporary glass box at the rear. Nevertheless, your extension style should agree with the original housing if you want to be granted permission easily.

4. Planning Permission

Before you begin renovating, consult a local planning officer. It is very important to do so because they are best placed to explain to you planning regulations. You are going to find out that planning permissions differ from one region to another. Besides, you will need to check whether your property is listed and whether it is located in a Conservation Area or National Park.

5. Estimating Your Budget

You need to estimate how practically you can meet the costs of extending your home. Moreover, you have to make adjustments for unavoidable circumstances and set up an emergency fund. If you are knocking down a wall or adding on a side return, then examine the possible services for a room.

Thus, you need to ask yourself whether your room needs wiring, cabling, plumbing and connecting drainage and gas. If you need to relocate these services, then can you do so affordably and practically?

Let your style, character, budget and taste influence your new layout. Make a list of what annoys you about your kitchen, and ensure you address them in a new design. No-one understands your kitchen better than yourself. Your dream kitchen will stand out if it truly reflects your character.

Hanzo.The design has a dedicated team of innovative kitchen designers. They will guide you on how you can optimally reorganise your kitchen layout. Moreover, they will consider space, efficiency and convenience when designing a kitchen layout.

They know how to reorganise cooktop, refrigerator and sink to form an efficient work triangle. Also, we are committed to make your kitchen a haven of cooking and dining. We will do our level best to ensure your kitchen accurately captures your needs and style. If you have already developed your floor plan, we will be happy to incorporate it into our design considerations. Let us know if you are ready to hire our services.

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