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Flat Conversion Planning and Application

Do you look to turn your house into a flat? That comes as no surprise given that the rental market in London is flourishing. You do not want to miss out on this beautiful opportunity. Flat conversion appears to be a feasible route to addressing housing shortage here in London. Hence, the conversion of your existing house into multiple flats can increase your wealth immensely.

The appetite for flats in London is enormous thanks to high rates of employment. However, you cannot proceed with flat conversion without planning permission.

At Hanzo.Design, we will help you acquire the necessary documentation and drawings for your planning permission. We have an in-house team of architects and designers who are knowledgeable about the requirements of the Building Regulations.

We can help you tap into this huge demand for flats.

Planning Permission

You need statutory consent to proceed with the flat conversion. The process of applying and obtaining planning permission can be arduous. Not only must you wait for more than two months for planning decisions, but you must also pay the application fee.

You may also want to subdivide an existing property into many units. It is a good idea to inquire from your local planning council to find out if your building is listed or lies in a conservation area. You will not be wanting the Council to penalise you for damaging the special character of a historic building.

flat conversion
Above: Architectural drawings and policy documents are necessary to earn local Council approval

However, there are circumstances in which you may not need consent. As long you do not convert the space< above your structure into more than two flats, you do not need planning permission. Nevertheless, you have to comply with following provisos:

  • Space should be in the same “use class” as your building
  • The planning unit of your building and the space match
  • Do not alter the building’s exterior
  • If the level of the ground floor contains a display window, then do not merge the ground floor with the flat

Our professionals will assuage the hassles that come with converting your house into multiple units. Our experience in preparing planning drawings is second to none. Thus, we can increase your likelihood of obtaining planning permission. We have helped so many clients to acquire building consents. Hence, we are used to handling large volumes of planning applications.

flat conversion
Above: You can always count on our dedicated team of building surveyors and planners

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