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Getting the Perfect Commercial Bar Design

Your customers should get a great experience from your bar. A great commercial bar design should be magnetic. It should give your customers experience of a lifetime; hence, making them want to return. Additionally, the space design of your bar should help you accomplish certain goals of your business. So, what constitutes a perfect bar design?

Coming up with a perfect commercial bar design can be a pipe dream. Devising the layout seats and taproom equipment can be very challenging. However, your goal should be to design a bar that approaches perfection: a great bar that gives customers an experience of a lifetime.

Design Considerations

Your commercial bar design should ensure that your bartenders have ample space to walk around and serve customers.

Also, the design should take into account the health and wellbeing of your bartenders. Therefore, the design should remove all the barriers that prevent your employees from serving your customers efficiently and timely.

Tim Mutton, a co-founder of Blacksheep, states:

“We don’t follow trends; we define them. Research for concepts isn’t based on what is out there now or what’s current; as this will be dated by the time, our work comes to fruition. We look trends and try and stay one-step ahead, so our work has longevity.”

Always aim to provide outstanding services. Once you are at the top, innovation does not stop there. Keep up with the latest trends and beat them to stay ahead of your competitors.

Ensure that your commercial bar design optimises every available space. Remember that the effective of your bar business depends on the operations taking place in that space. Examine how effective it is for drinks to move from the taproom to the customer.

commercial bar floor plan
Above: A commercial bar floor plan

How fast do your bartenders deliver hospitable service and drinks to your customers from the taproom? This speed depends on the physical arrangement of your bar, which determines where you place equipment, workstations and liquor displays.

Therefore, make the taproom and equipment such as glass-washer as close as possible to your bartenders. This can go a long way in reducing time wastage.

Commercial Bar Design Layout

Also, design your bar in a manner that directs your customers to where you want them to be. This will save a lot of time for hospitable service. This is because your bartenders would not have to make a lot of steps moving to and fro between the taproom and the customers.

A linear bar may appear as a viable option because you can view everything that is going on from where you sit. If there are not too many guests, a single bartender can serve all your visitors. Also, a linear bar allows you to place equipment easily.

You can also merchandise your inventory properly. It also offers enough workstations. Moreover, it is very economical because it conserves space. You can serve many customers during the peak hours under the square footage. However, you can easily get bored because of monotony. Tracy Finlang of Rock Bottom Restaurants observes that,


orking an exceptionally long bar, where to get from one end to the other requires marathon-type endurance, poses its own unique challenge.”

commercial bar design

Above: Linear commercial bar design layout


What is the layout of workstations? Where do you place your equipment in relation to the workstation? How does your bar merchandise the inventory? If your customers and employees cannot move freely, then there are bound to be problems.

bar workstation design

Above: Bar workstation design

The design should maximise on the efficiency of the facility. Otherwise, a poor layout of equipment increases the chances of bartenders making mistakes, which cause loss of revenue, service, and productivity.

Remember that your bar is the centre of your house’s front. Therefore, do not ignore its shape and the flow of traffic when doing design. Jean-Pierre Etcheberrigaray of Intercontinental Hotels emphasises this point:

“Add a few curves to a bar for affect and you could wind up adversely impacting drink production, delaying service, increasing [labour] costs, detracting from the ambience, snarling traffic flow or undermining the concept.”

In addition, plan space features such as seating layout, circulation and atmosphere. Depending on your target customers, what feel and look do you intend to create? Do you intend to create a relaxed or bold environment? Hence, the choice of the colours and textures of finishing and furnishing can determine the mood of your bar.

Aim as much as possible to create an inviting and inspiring aura. Ensure that you strike a proper balance of room temperatures. Thus, the bar environment should be ambient.

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