Interior Design: Luxury on a Pocket-Friendly Budget

Hanzo Design has had a privilege to work on a lot of high profile interior design projects. While one would assume that most of the projects were insanely expensive, we completed some of them at stunningly low costs.

Putting together the most stunning design is not so much about the ability to throw money at things but the capacity to conceive and execute inspiring concepts.

You can have a luxury interior design without going into the red. Thus, experienced interior designers such as Hanzo Design have learned how to convey various feelings.

They do so use colours, materials, lighting and various other tools available to them without overly depending on the cheque book.

The luxurious interior design is a sense created in a room. You can achieve it at a surprisingly lower cost than you currently think is possible.

Here are some tips to create a luxury design at pocket-friendly prices.

Leveraging Colours

The biggest element in creating ambience in a room is the colour. It creates the most significant impression. Moreover, you can use colours to convey luxury if you combine them appropriately.

interior design
Above: A creamy, luxurious interior mated with golden shades to create an opulent feel and look.

Hanzo Design has found that shades of white and cream work best when you want to express a luxury feeling in a room.

For a sense of opulence, you can supplement cream and white colours with rich colours such as gold and black.
If you are going for a feeling of old-school luxury, then you can also use rich dark colours such as browns and red.

If you mate browns and red with vintage pieces, then your room can get an impressive luxurious feel.

Leveraging Cheap Modern Materials

Modern materials in luxury design are relatively less expensive than traditional products. The classic luxury design used to employ materials such as mahogany wood, which costs an arm and a leg.

Today, you can achieve almost the same luxurious feeling using items made from cheaper products such as glass. Moreover, you can find gorgeous household furniture such as coffee tables and shelves at relatively low prices. Glass furniture is cheaper than hardwood.

glassy interiors
Above: A glassy and luxurious interior

Recreate Classical Design

You can enhance the character of any room by strategically using colours and art pieces. There are certain parts of a room such as fireplaces that can benefit a great deal from classical design.

To ensure that the entire room has the traditional feel, use the appropriate furniture. Therefore, carved furniture and furniture upholstered in rich but dark colours is what you should go for.

upholstered house interior
Above: An upholstered interior

Classical design made use of ornamentation that is quite easy and cheap to recreate today. Hence, through the use of antiques, vases, and gilt-framed art, you can achieve the same ornamentation as traditional design at a little cost.

Concluding Remarks

Hanzo Design has worked on enough luxury properties to know what works and what doesn’t.

Most people overestimate how much money it would take to get the designs they want. This is because they have over-romanticized the designs in their heads.

Even so, you can get what you want at quite affordable prices if you get help from the right person.


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