Interior Design for Luxury and Sustainability

The future is green. Every industry is hurtling towards the use of environmentally sustainable materials. In that regard, interior design is keeping up with latest trends and development. To inspire greater use of sustainable materials, top practices such as Hanzo Design have increasingly adopted the use of green products in both standard and luxury creations.

Given Hanzo’s success with the use of materials such as wool, helm, bamboo, and wood, there is an increasing acceptance by customers that there can be a perfect balance between luxury and green sustainability.

If top luxury interior designers such as Hanzo Design can successfully put together awe-inspiring creations using sustainable products, the consensus is that other practices would follow suit.

If you are looking to use sustainable products on your property, the chances are that you care deeply about the environment.

The focus of green design is to create great environmentally friendly interiors. The materials in use during such a process are items, which originate from renewable sources.

For instance, instead of using polished concrete, Hanzo Design may use products such as reclaimable oak flooring. We do this while preserving beauty. Hence, your living area will probably look better than if you use polished concrete.

Let us look at some of the principles, which guide Hanzo Design's use of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials in design and construction.

Availability of Sustainable Materials

Interior design has made significant progress in the manufacture and use of sustainable materials. Unluckily, there are limitations in the wider uptake because you cannot find such materials easily.

Asustainable luxury interior design
Above: A sustainable, luxurious and minimalist interior space

Nonetheless, there’s hope as the increasing demand for sustainable living areas by customers is pushing industry players to innovate, increase production and lower prices continually.

Green materials have a higher price than traditional materials. Because of the price difference, most customers are hesitant to go green because of fear of incurring additional costs.

There is a flaw in this thinking, however.

From experience, the designers at Hanzo Design have come to learn the that skilled craft. They have combined this skill with the bespoke design, tailoring them specifically for the client.

As a result, very luxurious interiors come at relatively low prices. This is despite whether the customer chooses to go green or not. Therefore, the differences in prices are not that high if you involve designers who are as skilful as the ones at Hanzo Design.

sustainable luxury interior
Above: A sustainable luxury interior

Lowering the Prices Further

If you don’t mind using recyclable products, you can kill two birds with one stone. Lower your costs and reduce your toll on the environment. Finding recyclable products is not hard at all. Materials such as reclaimable timber and brick slips can find several uses for any project.

Other reclaimable include ceramic tiles, wrought iron, and copper. Interior design is all about beauty. Thus, you can achieve beauty by marrying the most incredible pieces.

sustainable interior space
Above: A sustainable interior space with a balance between daylight and artificial lighting.

Hanzo Design’s project managers will always talk to clients to get a feel for what they want to achieve with their space before they put together any design. You can realise the vision for your space with materials you already have if you re-purpose them properly.

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