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Interior Design Project Management: Beginner's Guide

Project management is a crucial skill in high demand. Without it, you cannot deliver high-quality project results on time. Furthermore, you run the danger of costs blowing your budget without a proper interior design project management. All in all, it helps you to deliver desirable results effectively with little or no disruptions to your calendar while preserving high quality.

So, how do your ensure that your project has a higher chance of succeeding?

A lot takes place between the conceptual phase and the final phase. Unforeseen occurrences may arise during the phase of interior design project management.

You take a rigid approach to project management even though you have to allow for surprises. If you expect your project to complete perfectly, then prepare for disappointments. Interior design project management is never a walk in the park; it is an emotional rollercoaster.

Qualities of a Project Manager

A successful project manager is skilful in coping effectively with the vagaries of a project.

At Hanzo Design, we will assign you a skilful and experienced project manager to oversee all the activities, which take place between conception and completion.

interior design project management
Above: Project management is an invaluable skill when you are working on projects with tight deadlines

What does it take to make a great project manager?

Well, you should be able to communicate project goals and expectations clearly to your client, merchants, and subordinates.

Second, you must be good at managing people. Trust me __ people management is not a bed of roses.

Third, you should be a good deal maker __ able to strike a compromise or win-win between the rival factions.

Fourth, you must be highly organised. Are you able to articulate issues? Organise your thoughts? How do you arrange your workstation? Do you all the necessary to help you accomplish your tasks?

Fifth, you must exhibit a very strong technical interior design knowledge. You must understand what tasks entail interior design, construction and production. You should estimate how much time each task would take.

If the project tasks take longer than the time and fee you allocate each of them, then you develop other strategies to reconcile the tasks with the fee. Other skills include professionalism, effective decision-making, self-drive, counselling and sense of humour.

Adopt a Detail-Oriented Approach

You cannot begin a project without thinking through and do proper planning and research. The conceptual phase should get enough time. This is a critical stage because it is here that you programme, draw up schematic designs and develop design documents.

Hanzo Design Approach
Above: Effective teamwork and collaboration are crucial in getting quality things done in time

Ensure that you strictly adhere to the time frame you set up for the conceptual stage. Then, you can embark on drawing up documentation and administration of construction.

Moreover, you have to meet on-site teams regularly. You also need to coordinate materials properly. No project is perfect. So, always be sure to troubleshoot to identify flaws to fix them.

Challenges Unique to Interior Design

If you are a novice, you may find keeping up with the speed of interior design project management a bit hard. And because of that, there is a squeeze in the assessment of choices for building and design. Furthermore, expect quick milestones and critical paths. Breathing spaces are tiny in these kinds of professional engagement.

Also, the process of approval should be short. You must supervise the consumption of time and effort. This will go a long in ensuring that project designers focus on production. Besides, the manager should ensure that the designer meets project deadline and profitability.

Interior design project management is fast-paced because interior design takes considerably shorter time than building projects. You must be steadfast and thorough to avoid getting things wrong in the first place. The conceptual phase is the most critical stage because it can determine whether your project will succeed or not.

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