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Interior Design Project Management

Interior design has taken on a whole new meaning in modern times. There was a time when it was all about false ceiling and lights. However, today, it is more comprehensive than that. It means putting together a lifestyle in a unique way and seamlessly integrating it with everyday living.

A perfect interior designing project is one which does not reveal itself but blends perfectly in a most subtle and cathartic manner. It is a concept of living unlike any ever lived before.

For such an idea to take life, many factors come into play, the primary factor being project management. It may seem a foreign idea when interior designing is understood to have only an aesthetic value.

However, interior design is more than just a beautiful living space. It’s about life in the living space.

When the delivered project exactly matches the client’s expectation, while delivering within a budget, it delights them. That is the goal of project management.

interior design
Above: A minimalist interior with use of few colours and furniture

Let us take a look at what exactly guides interior design project management.


Project management ensures that you can account for every nail, glue, paper, bulb and wire. The budget is as important as design is for the project.

interior design plan
Above: A plan of room layout


An unplanned project can result in a chaotic work environment with short supplies, excess spending, and unhappy clients, which is exactly the thing that a project needs to avoid. Good project management starts with proper planning.

Capturing Client's Style or Requirement Exactly

Before you put pen to paper, you have to obtain verbally a comprehensive picture of the client’s requirement. Also, you can capture the client's style on paper.

interior design
Above: Ensure that your interior captures your style accurately


Inspecting Building's Interior

Proceeding from there, it becomes easier to ascertain other conditions like purpose, budget and time. After that, real-time assessment of the property gives a fair idea of whether the client’s requirements are practical or need adjustment.

Agreeing to a customer’s budget and time frame without self-assessment of property can lead to many unpleasant scenarios during the execution of the project.

Embarking on Interior Renovation Proper

An interior designing project also involves renovating existing utilities like electrical connections, potable and waste water connections, sanitary ware, and so forth.

interior renovation
Above: Interior renovation in progress

Choosing a Single Design-Build Company

Project managers ensure that before the interior designing process becomes irreversible, hidden parts of the project are installed correctly and are working in perfect condition.

For this reason, it is essential that you hand over the entire project to a single firm to avoid issues like miscommunication. This is serious because of recent developments, which we are familiar with.

Too many contractors hired personally by a client on the same project can lead to highly unsatisfactory work in the end.

On the other hand, we at Hanzo Design ensure that all contractors report to our project managers and that quality testing and installing of all products are conducted with their knowledge.

It is easier to communicate requirements and changes to one person; avoiding confusion when having to contact many players. Like they say – too many cooks spoil the broth.

Our project managers are multi-talented because they can design a plan; execute it to the latter, all while communicating, documenting, managing unexpected circumstances, and staying within budget.

We equip our project managers with an overall picture of the project. Also, we ensure that they maintain that perspective throughout the project to manage the workforce, material, time and budget.

Contact us for a perfectly designed plan, customized to your specific needs, and executed well – just like a puzzle that fits perfectly together when the last piece put into place.

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