Interior Design Ideas for Space Maximisation

With houses getting more expensive per square footage every passing year, space is becoming increasingly valuable. The interior design seeks to maximise on space in places where space is at a premium. Everyone wants more space, but not everyone can afford to get some.

Hanzo Design considers maximisation of space as one of the key responsibilities it has when working on a client’s project.

Having more space will allow you to do more with your roof. Also, more space can even give you greater opportunities to experiment with other interesting space planning concepts.

Here are a few tips to increase the space available to you without increasing the square footage of your house.

Use Built-in Storage Space

Built-in storage space – be they cupboards, shelves, or wardrobes – are always superior to other storage options.

If you can influence the design of the storage options in a house, then always go for built-in storage.

The amount of practical storage space saved will blow your mind. Moreover, you will have the advantage of having a clutter-free room.

interior design
Above: A built-in kitchen storage space design

The Higher or Taller They are, the Better

Height is your best friend when you are trying to do interior design. Imitate the behaviours of big cities like London to expand upwards instead of sideways.Thus, use as much height as you can to maximise space in your room.

The taller the shelves and cupboards, the more items they can hold. Thus, the higher you place your hooks and racks, the more living space you have below them.

interior design
Above: Cupboards and shelves in the kitchen

Let Furniture Double up as Storage Space

There are beautiful pieces of furniture being created today that have storage areas. You can find sofas, TV Cabinets and beds that have inbuilt storage space that can act as drawers and bookshelves.

Further, you can buy furniture that can be used for more than one function. The sofa bed comes to mind.

Move Beds and Sofas Close to the Walls

Without compromising the general design of your room, you can move sofas and beds closer to the walls. Having sofas and beds near the centre of the room consumes a lot of space and leaves a lot less space to utilise for other creative purposes.

The positioning of the sofas and beds must be taken into account when doing the space planning.

To change their positioning after the interior design project is complete will entirely change the look and feel of the rooms.

sofa wall beds uk
Above: A sofa wall bed

Closing Thoughts

Your philosophy on space usage will determine how well your rooms look. Even the most creatively designed room will start to lose its appeal once clutter starts to appear in the room.

Having enough storage space will ensure that items not in use are neatly tucked away, so the room retains its appeal.
Further, you can use other creative design ideas such as the addition of mirrors to create the illusion of space.

If you place mirrors strategically, a room appears bigger. This can enhance the look and feel by increasing artificial and natural light. Another creative design feature is allowing room to gel seamlessly with the outdoors so that it appears as if you are outside.

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