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Kitchen Cabinets Design for Homes

The kitchen is the lifeline of your home. It is one part that you cannot afford to mess up with. It is very crucial in the sense that it creates the first impression about your home by your visitors or guests. Thus, it can determine whether they will spend the night at your home. Kitchen cabinets determine the look of your kitchen. Hence, you should always aim to make it more glamorous, welcoming and luxurious to host a dinner party.

So, how do you make your kitchen impressive? By making it more spacious and increasing its work surfaces. The secret to designing a spacious kitchen lies in the kitchen cabinet.

When renovating or refurbishing, it is a good idea to focus your budget on improving the kitchen and especially its layout. Furthermore, find out more about how you can cleverly rearrange the cabinetry to optimise space use.

You also need to know what finishing materials go hand in hand with your kitchen cabinet design. In other words, furnishings such as countertops and backsplashes should agree with the design of kitchen cabinetry.

There is a general shift away from the traditional kitchen cabinets styling with the ornate design towards a minimalist, clean design. In essence, kitchen designs are increasingly leaning towards aesthetic beauty, breaking away from the traditional role of being simply storage areas.

Let us have a look at what designs of kitchen cabinetry currently trend in the market.

Aesthetic Beauty

Today’s kitchen cabinets must be eye-popping, bespoke or aesthetically pleasing. After all, you want to announce your unique style and taste to anyone who visits and dines at your home. You intend to leave a long-lasting impression, giving your visitors heaven-like reception and experiences.

Whether it be your boss, client, partner or just a friend, your kitchen can open up for you an endless string of opportunities not just for your whole house but also for your life.

Thus, giving a minimalist look can go a long way in defying the ornate designs of the past. Be sure to strike an agreement between the cabinetry and the surrounding kitchen furnishings.

Kitchen cabinets
Above: Kitchen cabinets

Colour Co-ordination

Ensure you shift your kitchen away from the cookie-cutter design. It is obsolete. Instead, take advantage of colour to announce a bold character to potential home buyers.

Also, you can exploit the countless options for colour mixtures for your kitchen cabinetry, which the paint companies and kitchen cabinet makers offer. You can combine neutral colours with light green or grey.

Transitional Styling

The practice of combining marble countertops with black hardware of stainless steel remains in vogue. It helps to stun the eyes of your visitors, producing a wow effect.

kitchen cabinet
Above: A transitional style kitchen


You cannot just wish the current technological trends away. It is a good idea to stay afloat of the latest trends and endeavour to apply in remodelling your kitchen. Notice that technology affects almost every facet of our lives, including our homes.

The evolution of kitchen cabinet design is analogous to how we have increasingly become dependent on gadgetry. Hence, think of you can include a charge station on the cabinetry for mobile devices. Your family and visitors are more likely to love spending their time working, eating and meeting in your kitchen.

Finishing Touches

There is no standard as to what is the best kitchen remodelling practice for your finishing, door colours and cabinetry. What is in vogue today will be out-of-date tomorrow. Therefore, you have to be bold and imaginative to keep up with the fast-paced trends of today’s world.

kitchen design
Above: A minimalist kitchen design with hidden storage and appliance spaces

In conclusion, when you are renovating your house, do not get distracted, channelling your resources to less important areas of your house. Rather, focus your limited resources on improving your kitchen and all the rest will follow.

I am saying this because your home’s value can increase considerably if the potential home buyers find your kitchen attractive, spacious and inspiring.

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