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All you Need to Know About Planning Permission

You have the desire own dream home. Three options exist. You can either build a new structure from scratch, make an extension to an existing building or change the use of your building or land. Fortunately, or unfortunately, you have a chance to acquire planning permission.

In the United Kingdom, you cannot proceed with the process of owning a home without local Council approval. However, you can buy a house with an existing statutory consent although it may not be a guarantee.

Let us be honest. There are many stumbling blocks to the attainment of your dreams. Since legal requirements may appear to hamper your efforts to earn dream home quickly, they intend to bring in the best quality out of house developers. Also, they safeguard against rogue elements in the property market.

Planning application
Above: A drawing for applying for statutory consent

When it is Necessary to Seek Approval

If your building project requires planning permission, proceeding with its construction without authorisation is an exercise in futility. You will not only attract heavy penalties but also the costs of undoing all the alterations by the “enforcement notice”.

The good news is that you can always appeal against it, but you cannot ignore it since it will amount to contempt of authorities. Therefore, it is a good idea that you keep consulting local estate agents like us. Also, do not forget to consult with the local planning authorities if you are unsure about your development.

That is why we at HanzoDesign are always ready to provide planning consultations to steer you in the right direction. We have expert planners and surveyors who are knowledgeable about the requirements of the planning process and the Building Regulations.

We have a wealth of experience in creating planning application drawings and the relevant documentation.

planning permission
Above: We have an endowment of outstanding skills and talents when it comes to architecture and design

With many years of liaising and working closely with the local planning authorities, we have the control of the vagaries and intrigues of seeking approval at our finger tips. We have a deep understanding of how planning permission applications work.

You can apply and submit your application for planning approval here.

When Statutory Approval is Unnecessary

The law has a cushion known as “permitted development rights”. Some building projects do not require planning permission. Permitted development sections do not require any fee. For example, turning a space into a garage, shade or loft. Besides, you can build an orangery or a conservatory. You can also repair and replace windows and doors without approval.

When it comes to demolishing, ensure that you seek approval from the local planning authority. All in all, as long as your project should not infringe on the environment and neighbourhood. In that case, there is no need for planning permission.

If you live in London, consult with the Department of the Built Environment.

Modification of Residence

The areas of permitted development flats are not same as houses. You may require consent from your local Council if you look to repair and replace windows or perform any other minor maintenance.

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