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London’s Finest Design-Build Ideas

Are you tired of renting living space in London? Do you intend to design-build a house on a tight budget? It is possible. You can change the purpose of properties, converting them into a dream home.

The reality of living in London is that land is scarce and the population is surging. Thus, property prices have skyrocketed beyond the reach of the many. Renting prices are also unsustainably high. To make it worse, neighbourhood gentrification is a common problem.

So, what are some of the tricks do London residents use to avoid being homeless?

Some landlords are converting their family houses into houses in multiple occupations (HMOs) or flats. However, there is a general trend by home buyers who cannot afford to buy homes to convert buildings like shops into houses. More and more people are becoming do-it-yourselfers just to cut out the costs of hiring designers, contractors and project managers.

However, you cannot manage an entire design-build project alone. You will still need the services of a professional. They can help you to decide on the look of your home once you have made decisions about what you want and your budget.

It is not true that professional services have more disadvantage than the advantage to you..  On the contrary, what you get in the end is nothing compared to how much you spend on professionals. Architects and designers can visualise and materialise your dreams. In fact, they have a third-eye; an eye, which you may lack. Where you think no opportunity exists, an architect or designer sees countless possibilities. They will tailor design according to your style and needs.

You do not have to spend an arm and a leg.

Know Your Style or Want

You need someone to give you an exact three-dimensional rendition of your imagination. Hence, you need an architect. They will draw up for you exact plans, detailing your sense and taste of spaces, what materials you prefer for design-build construction, the style, and size of your home. Fortunately, they are always ready to change the details of the plan until you are fully satisfied.

Above: A detailed three-dimensional plan

Plan and Research Thoroughly Before You Begin Construction

Do not proceed with construction if you are doubtful about your designs, floor plans and materials. Planning will save you from the nightmare of expensive changes when everything is no longer on paper. It is difficult to reverse building decisions. Hence, invest enough time in planning. Do not rush.

Check Licenses and References

Ask your architect and contractor whether they license their workers or sub-contractors. Also, they should furnish you with references. These are crucial because they offer the nitty-gritty of the building process.

Document Everything

Ensure that the contract with your design-build organisations shows all the details. It should clearly and thoroughly indicate what services the contractors will perform, a schedule of milestones and a timetable. Besides, have a list of must-haves and wishes.

Moreover, the models and makes of finishes such as air conditioners, bathtubs, appliances and other features should be specific. The list should detail every penny to spend on each activity and materials.

Above: A work plan

Make Regular On-site Visits

You should visit your site frequently because issues are bound to arise. Hence, your presence can clarify help clarify some issues. Also, it can help you identify work flow problems and factors, which can delay the project. Your architect should visit more than once a week. Moreover, your site visits can help assess the situation and aid in your decision-making regarding how things are supposed to be done.

In conclusion, building projects require a lot of hard work and dedication from you. Furthermore, you cannot always perform a project alone. A professional help you save the hassles and stresses.

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