Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas for the Year

From the Moroccan Hammam to the lavish Roman-era baths, your bathroom is the secret place where you can get rid of the worldly dust and grime. Contemporary interior designers are experimenting with a lot of new luxury bathroom design ideas. These ideas involve different technologies and design schemes for creating an appropriate bathroom for their clients.

Project managers at Hanzo Design are putting in their thoughts as well. Thus, they intend to create the perfect bathroom for their customers. Our designers will do so with regards to your lifestyle or personality.

Here is a list of the hottest luxury bathroom design trends that you can take inspiration from:


The year 2017 is a witness of the full-fledged return to the use of metals in the luxury bathroom design across the globe.

Brass is, of course, one of the most popular metals when it comes to creating the cabinet knobs or faucets.

However, some other metals are slowly getting the right kind of response. These include brushed steel, platinum, silver and even gold.

luxury bathroom design
Above: Metallic bathtub faucets

The polished brass naturally accentuates the beauty of a bathroom and gives it the golden rich interior.

Minerals and Stones

Designers have always favoured the use of natural minerals and stones as decorative elements in luxury bathrooms.

At Hanzo Design, we’re using them as functional items as well. For instance, we often use the polished stone sink instead of the traditional porcelain. Thus, we believe in making optimum use of stones and minerals.

Therefore, using a stone bench beside the bath or polishing of mineral stool is some of the design elements we frequently use.

According to traditional Chinese belief, stones bring in calmness and the qualities of being grounded. The idea of having a natural stone or marble tub has excited some of our clients.


luxury bathroom
Above: A luxury bathroom

Just imagine taking a bath while green plants surround you! Well, we can create similar ambience in your bathroom by actually introducing a dash of green.

Just have some greenery inside your bathroom. Thus,  it would give the entire concept of going green a huge shot in the arm.

There are some great plants that you can use in your bathroom. All you need to do is get in touch with one of our project managers. They shall guide you to create a naturally luxurious bathroom.

Vibrant Colours

If you only don’t feel like stepping inside your white bathroom, then it might be time for you to think of some interesting alternatives.

bathroom designs
Above: Use of colour schemes in bathroom interior design

Hanzo Design is using some really vibrant and dynamic colour schemes. These palettes intend to transform your bathroom into a classier and welcoming space.

Black is one of the favourite colours of the season! Tiles and paints of this colour can offer a colourful look to your bathroom when you use appropriate lightings.

We call it the dark indulgence. Therefore, you can try out this mix to give a dramatic twist to your regular-looking bathroom.

At Hanzo Design, we’ve some great ideas to transform your just ordinary looking bathroom into the stunningly luxurious private bath. Get in touch with our project managers to learn more about the latest bathroom design ideas.


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