Luxury Bedroom Design Trends of the Year

We’re only four months away from another new year. It’s probably the best time to talk about the interior designing trends that kept us busy throughout the year. From delicate and feminine themes to the luxury bedroom design, Hanzo Design has created them all for their clients. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at those design trends that most of our customers preferred during the year. Here’s a lowdown on the luxury bedroom design trends of 2017:

The Surrealistic

We presented our clients with the bizarre design themes that used wild materials, extravagant patterns and even abstract furniture pieces. In 2017, we worked on at least five such projects where the client wanted the minimalistic yet the surreal feeling in the design.
luxury bedroom designs
Above: A luxury bedroom
As always, our team of expert project managers and designers created the perfectly luxurious and surreal bedroom for the clients.

Messy Design

Well, this completely defies the norm of interior designing! Here chaos and mess were the focal points for the bedroom designs. Some of our customers only wanted to give their master bedroom an absolutely messy look!
Luxury bedroom design
Above: A luxury bedroom design
We obliged and created a suitably arranged mess that even though resembled mess but never quite was a mess. The books were chaotically arranged on the shelves while the asymmetrical lighting defined the entire theme

The Clean Theme

Just diametrically different of the messy design was the classic clean theme that was very popular during the mid 19th century. Yes, the clean design has returned and that too in full force. Hence, people are transforming their bedrooms to match the look of the 60’s. It was an era when all the furniture used to be wooden with an accompaniment of a quite generous use of the white tone.
1960s bedroom design
Above: The 1960s bedroom design

Concrete Walls

The look and feel of a modern bedroom reach a few notches higher when you use concrete walls with the latest furniture. Even so, the perfect blending of the contrasting colours of the furniture, wall, and lighting makes it irresistible for the eyes. This bedroom trend influenced a large number of projects. Thus,  our designers took up the challenge of creating some interesting looking luxurious bedrooms with concrete walls in the background.
bedroom designs
Above: Classic bedroom design

Industrial Bedroom

Metallic brown furniture and tiled walls with an accompaniment of heavy brown tones mark one of the most lovable bedroom design themes of 2017 – the industrial bedroom design! Luxury bedroom designThis theme is entirely different from the mid-century clean design yet has its appeal among the crowd. We had some of our clients insisting that we create a perfect industrial bedroom design that exudes their personality and characteristic charm. Well, it’s certainly one of the trends set to stay here for long. At Hanzo Design, we strive to create the perfect luxury bedroom design. We keep a close tab on the market trends. Judging the pulse of our customers is an excellent way to realign our design ideas to meet the client's expectation. If you too want to give your bedroom a new twist, get in touch with our project managers. You will get the opportunity to hear about some new ideas! [wl_faceted_search] [wl_chord]
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