Luxury Lighting from Your Private Property

Interior design
for a property is not just restricted to design a living room or a study in isolation. It also involves designing luxury lighting. Even though it’s not a bad idea to create a single room but interior designing scheme should always maintain uniformity throughout the property.

Project managers at Hanzo Design believe in creating a narrative that transpires to every corner of the property. It’s often like a flowing story which reflects the dreams and desires of our clients.

Our design works at both the visual and emotional levels. One such element is lighting. Hence, we pay close attention to it while creating the design schemes for properties.

The thoughtful and stylized lighting scheme is there to create a perfect balance of taste and functionality of the traditional spaces that we’ve habituated ourselves to seeing day in, day out.

It’s imperative that the lighting highlights the key features of the property while giving it an entirely new feel.

Now, there aren’t many companies that match our lighting creations. Our bespoke lighting systems on offer are elegant and classy, which gives the feeling of ultimate luxury.

All our products exhibit the craftsmanship and skill that went on to create each one of them.

Here are a few of the fantastic lighting options for your interiors:

Getting the Ceiling Right

Nothing can be more exotic than getting a perfect chandelier for the ceiling. You get to impress your guests with the impressive blend of vintage glamour and luxury lighting!

luxury chandelier interior
Above: A luxury brass chandelier

Luxury chandelier featuring crystal droplets and glass scones creates the perfect dazzling display for your dining area or living room.

Also, you can add the ornate and elegant pieces to a room to create the high-end luxurious feel. There’s no point in compromising on the quality when our engineers choose the lighting fixtures.

Glamorous Touch

The range of semi-flush lighting fixtures will help you to experience the finest luxury lighting. Hence, go for the crystal shades with the perfectly polished chrome that radiates twinkling light all around the room.

semi flush luxury lighting fixtures
Above: Semi-flush lighting fixtures

Now, here’s what weaving the story comes into play. Thus, you can make the most of this luxury lighting by mixing it with the best furnishings, stunning accessories and soft rugs to create the appropriate lavish and high-quality living space.

Traditional Styling

At Hanzo Design, we don’t believe in using luxury lighting only for the living room but also for the kitchen, bathroom and other areas on your property.

Moreover, we offer some distinctive pieces for the kitchen or the dinner by introducing the right dose of sophistication.

brass lighting fixtures
Above: A semi-flush brass lighting fixture

Enjoy a meal with your family and friends by creating the perfect ambience with the brass lighting fixtures for your dining table.


Creation of Layers

For the discerning lot, it’s important that only the finest things go into creating the appropriate interiors for their homes. Therefore, layering the luxury lights is an important step towards setting the right mood.

Nothing can match the finest wall lights exclusively chosen for your property. Thus, irrespective of the dining room or the living room, we love to play with the soft and sophisticated ambient lighting.

soft ambient lighting
Above: A soft ambient lighting for bedroom

Project managers at Hanzo Design can turn any ordinary space into a beautiful work of art. Just call in our experts to help you choose a design suiting your furniture style and décor.


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