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Interior Design: Perfect Mix of Luxury, Sustainability and Cost

Long gone are the days when the association between luxury and cost was the norm. With today’s technology in interior design and sustainable architecture, anything is possible. Yes, you heard me. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to own a luxurious and sustainable home. With a rich endowment of skilful and creative architects and designers, I do not see why it cannot be done.

That is why Hanzo Design practices sustainable architecture and applies the technology of low-cost housing to make your dream home a reality in the face of budget constraints.

We are happy to offer you tips on how you can “do more [interior design] with less”. Stay tuned.

Forget about being fabulously wealthy to own a luxurious villa or mansion. That is for real. You want to find out, read on.

I am not engaging in doublespeak here. It is straightforward. You can own a bespoke home on a budget. Furthermore, going green in interior design does not have to mean preceding the basics. By incorporating sustainable design, you can build or renovate your home to make it eye-popping and energy-efficient.

Let us look at what entails to build a luxurious yet sustainable and cost-effective home.

Obtain Locally produced and Sustainable Building Materials

You can source earth-conscious materials in your area. Hence, do not even think of importing building materials because transport and other levies will drive housing costs many times over. Find out whether you can obtain materials such as clay, stone, wood or thatch locally. Not to mention, seek the services of a local architect who understands the local landscape very well.

interior design
Above: A sustainable building design

Tend to Your Fruit Farm and Vegetable Garden

A sustainable and luxurious should have vegetable garden or orchard, which you can cultivate. Gardening enables you to enjoy the sunshine and breathe in some fresh air.

In fact, you are most likely to encounter a vegetable garden or tree farm in almost every luxury home you visit. Moreover, gardening is good for the environment because it promotes manure formation and growth cycle.

You can also source the ingredients of a fresh farm salad from a garden. If your budget allows, you can also include a winery. All in all, vegetable gardens radiate offer an aura of greenery and fresh air. Furthermore, the smell of flowers and fruits can be refreshing.

Install Light-emitting Diode Lighting

Replace incandescent or filament bulbs with light-emitting diode bulbs to cut on energy costs and carbon footprints. Alternatively, you can buy Kvadrat soft cells to increase boost the atmospheric of your home’s interior. And guess what? These luminous textiles, which light-emitting technology powers, do not require fixing or installation.

Obtain Authorisation from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

If you intend to earn recognition for your building’s standard of efficiency, then go for that certification programme.

Install Solar Panels

The sun is a rich source of energy. In fact, solar panels can boost power supply in your home, ensuring that you do not fall short of energy if you have power hungry devices in your home. Besides, solar panels tend to be eye-catching.

interior design
Above: A sustainable interior maximising on natural daylight

Copy Marine Habitats

Nature offers us some important lessons, which we cannot afford to ignore. Did you that microscopic sea creatures, such as anemones, fish and coral, can fashion an eco-friendly home out of the foundation of an island? In fact, that is exactly where you should look out for creative designs if you truly want to earn a sustainable home.

Built Green Roofs and Walls

You can import nature into your home by adding green roofs and walls. When I say green, I do not mean artificial but live plants. This practice will reconcile nature with your home giving it natural beauty, cooling and landscape.

interior design
Above: A building incorporating green roofs and walls

To sum up, it is not impossible to own a luxurious and sustainable dream home with a low budget. You can always take upon yourself to obtain the building materials from your area. Also, do not forget to add gardens, orchards, solar panels and green roofs or walls. You can also borrow some lessons from the marine aquatic life.

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