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Modern Minimalist House: How to Design

While designing a modern minimalist house may appear as a far-fetched idea, it can be done. In fact, it is possible to design a clean-lined, cosy home. In tough economic times, this can be a reasonable idea. Minimalism focuses on maximising space while preserving the aesthetics of topography.

You do not have to spend your hard-earned money on unnecessary stuff. Instead, you can invest in some enticing pieces but do not overdo that. Oversimplifying can create an unwelcoming and cold space.

Aim to design what Courtney Trump describes as “warm minimalism”. Let us look at some ways you can add style and meaning to your space.

What is Minimalism?

It is a type of design that eliminates unnecessary features to enhance the functionality of a space. It is a simplistic design which reduces a range of colour palette to few tones, shades, typeface or airs. It seeks to eliminate lot goings-on in a modern minimalist house space. Thus, it reduces competition for attention between the various elements, allowing only a few enticing elements to be the focal points of space.

Create Minimalist Designs

You should focus on enhancing the experience when designing a modern minimalist house. Hence, directing your planning resources to add meaning and intent to space. Thus, curate every feature, colour and font with a purpose. Also, ensure your project has goals. What do intend people to do with space? How can you entice people to that space? This can be quite involving for a designer.

Above: A minimalist house design with use of locally available materials

Elements Guiding Minimalism

  • Colour: You can use colour to create contrast. Do not overuse colours, and do not limit yourself to shades of white and black. Instead, adhere to one hue in a framework of dark or light.
  • Space: This is the basic foundation of minimalism. Be sure to include large volumes of white space. Do not forget to make the space breathable. Furthermore, every feature must be independent of the space. Minimise outlines as much as possible.
  • Topography: Sans serif is a common topographical approach. There are other options, though. You can choose a typeface with a simple stroke and clean line.
  • Visual Dominance: Many visuals can be distracting. Rather, choose one and enhance it but do not make it large. Thus, you can always use them in images, fonts or features with surprising colour.
  • Contrast: As long as a scheme exhibits a lot of contrast, it is ripe for simplicity. Some designers prefer contrasting black against white or vice versa. Experiment with you can pair extreme opposites. For example, you pair small and large fonts or images.

Do More With Less

Do not clutter your foundation. This can avoid creating unnecessary sophistication. Give purpose to each element of your space. When it comes to the choice of colours, go for deep, warm, textured and dramatic or silent tones.

Above: A warm coloured and textured interior

Look for Ideas Everywhere

Do not just limit your search of ideas to your area. Go out and learn from others across the world. You will not be surprised by how much minimalism is revolutionising brands, architecture and design. Also, there seems to a general trend away from technological sophistication towards simplicity. Thus, designers are composing and curating spaces with intent.

Customise Your Space

Make your space to reflect your character and style exactly. Styles change with time, and so it is good that you tailor a space according to your current lifestyle. To do this, ensure that you are familiar with your everyday routine. Note down your interaction with space.

modern minimalist house
Above: Your space should reflect your character; not anyone else's.

Besides, make a list of what you often use a separate list of what you do not need. For example, you can craft a kitchen, which has adequate worksurfaces but which creates a feeling of relaxation.

Hide Storage Space

Space is a necessary and basic need when doing a modern minimalist house design. In fact, you can free up a lot of space for storage with a minimalist approach. Remove clutter and unused furniture from your room to free up some volume. Excess space can enable think about how you are going to use extra space wisely.

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