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Office Design Making the Corner Office Functional

No office in any organisation holds as much significance as the CEO’s office. The CEO’s office is as symbolically important as the CEO himself or herself. The office of the head of the organisation should communicate the importance of the position it holds while remaining functional and practical.
Hanzo Design has designed office spaces for several corporate entities. In every one of them, creating the CEO’s office was the most significant task. The CEO’s office not only functions as the working area for the head of the organisation, but it also serves as a meeting room, a boardroom and a symbol of the company when other leaders of the industry come calling.
Getting such an office’s interior design done right is therefore critical task. Here are some tips to put together a great office for your CEO.
Furniture Makes the Room
Nothing is more prominent in any room than the pieces of furniture in it. For the CEO’s office, furniture chosen should be luxurious and functional. Since most of the work is going done behind a desk, the desk and chair are the most important things to pay attention to when designing the office. The CEO’s personality and preferences will determine what kind of desk and chair is chosen. Some people may like a traditional look that consists of teak or rosewood desks while others might go for more modern looks such as those that employ glass tops.
Most CEO’s prefer minimalist offices. Do not make the office look or feel cluttered. To keep a lot of things that can make a room feel cluttered hidden, you can build additional storage spaces that gel seamlessly with the rest of the room.
Windows, Door and Lighting
As a rule of thumb, office desks should face the direction of the door so that the CEO can welcome incoming guests. If your office has a great view, floor to ceiling windows will do a fantastic job of adding character to space. Bigger windows also help with better lighting. The less artificial light you depend on, the better.
Personalized Themes
When it’s all said and done, only the CEO will have to work in the CEO’s office. The office should, therefore, be designed for them and not for anyone else. Their personality and interests should inform the theme chosen.
Involve the CEO in the design process, so they feel part of the project. Humans have different personalities and work habits so what may appear functional to you may look impractical to them. The decorative scheme should be the CEO’s personal choice. Both modern and traditional systems work well if they are expertly put together by a great team of designers such as Hanzo Design.
Concluding Thoughts
There aren’t many offices that hold as much significance as the CEO’s office. Designing such an office should be done with care and attention to detail. Nothing should be left to chance. When in doubt, confer with the CEO as they are the one who will spend most of their working hours within those walls.

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