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Change of Use of Building or Land: Planning Application

Are you a leaseholder or landlord? If not, are you negotiating a lease or purchase of property or land? Do you have a land or building that you wish to convert into a profitable property? We are here to help you.

At Hanzo Design, we can assist you to oversee a successful and hassle-free transition of your property from redundancy to profitability. We can help you with a change of use of your property successfully. Not to mention, we can help you climb up the rung of the competitive property ladder.

What Does This Mean?

The Town and County Planning Order 1987 categorises the various uses of properties and land into “Use Classes”. Thus, if you wish to convert the use of a redundant property or land, then you need planning permission.

However, if your proposal falls within the same “use class” as the existing use, the law permits you to do the conversion without seeking statutory consent. For example, you do not require consent to convert an inn into a public house.

change of use
Above: Planning application drawing

Nonetheless, consult your local planning authority if you are unsure whether your negotiation for lease or purchase of property or land requires planning permission.

For the latest information about the amendments on the Order, click here.

How do we Come in?

Here at Hanzo Design, we have a dedicated and experienced in-house team of architects and interior designers who are always ready to offer you planning consultations. They will save you a lot of hassles and costs that come with applying for a change of use consent.

Thus, we offer you privileges such as three-dimensional computer-generated planning drawings. Also, we will do for you supporting and mandatory documentations for planning permission. We liaise and work closely with the London councils.

Through the years, we have cemented strong relationships with the local planning authorities. Hence, if you look to shorten the duration of planning decisions considerably, then you have our full support. We have helped hundreds of leaseholders and landlords like you to obtain planning permission for change of use with relative ease.

Join other leaseholders and landlords today!

We will be happy to see you feel relieved when you obtain the consent to change the use of your property.

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