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New Build House's Planning Application

Want to Build a new House From Scratch?

We can help you accomplish the task of making a new build house. Here at Hanzo.Design, we have experienced professionals in building surveying and planning. We work and liaise closely with the local planning authorities; hence, we know the pains and hassles of obtaining planning permission on that piece of land onto which you intend to erect your structure.

Our work is to save you the hassles and costs of obtaining the right policy documents and planning decisions. We understand that waiting for planning decisions can take at least eight weeks.

New build house
Above: A new home

Do you Have any Choices?

Yes. You can either buy a plot, which already has planning permission or take a risk to acquire planning permission on land that matches your desires. Either way, your understanding of the intricacies of the planning process can make a difference if you want your piece of land to transform into a building plot.

If you are unsure whether your development of land is legal, it is advisable that you consult with the local planning authority. Remember, your land is agricultural by default unless it has been granted the consent for change of use. Furthermore, the style and look of your structure matters.

If you want to erect an eccentric new build house, then the planners will consider the appeal of your structure. If they consider your structure exemplary, then that would be an exception to the general rule. Exemplary in this case means that the quality of your structure should be high. In fact, so high that it can attract eyes to it even if it means jarring them spectacularly.

Greenbelt Area Development

Find out whether the local council has designated the area where your field lies as Green Belt or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Besides, ask yourself whether your land is a protected woodland or open space area.

Moreover, forget about building a single unit on agricultural land. Experts recommend that you can instead build a single house on garden infills where there is the settlement. That is, you can knock through walls of a house in a large plot or make a new build house on back gardens. However, it is possible to build many houses on a farmer’s field.

Fortunately, you do not have to own land to build a new house. As long as you have written notification to the landowner and paid the planning permission fee, you are good to go! This can save you from the disappointment of needing to apply for new planning permission on a property you bought.

If you live in London, consult the planning proposal map of your local council. Before you apply for consent, it is recommendable that you consult the department of planning. Discuss with them about whether they promote the idea of erecting a new structure on a piece of land.

New build house
Above: Green Belt Regions of London

If they accept your deal, then good for you. However, do not forget to negotiate on the detailed design. Not to mention, the Council’s proposal maps may indicate that your land falls within the restricted area of development. If that is the case, then do not hesitate to consult with a planning consultant.

We at Hanzo. The design will guide you through this potentially risky area.

Want to find a local planning consultant, do not hesitate to contact us.

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