Pro-Level Tips to Decorate Your Home in Style

We all love to renovate and redesign our homes from time to time. Thus, we intend to make our homes more contemporary, sophisticated and charming. We checkout all the magazines, design blogs, and even Pinterest pins. Yet, we still find it extremely difficult to implement the pro-level tips for design. However, let me tell you that you’re on the right path!

Yes, interior designing is all about drawing inspiration from anything and everything that surrounds you.

If you’re checking out the 2017 decoration trends, chances are quite strong that they will stay in vogue until the end of the year.

pro-level tips for home decoration
Above: Industrial style open-plan space for homes

The only thing that you have to focus on is implementation. Well, here are some pro-level tips from Hanzo Design to help you decorate your home in style:

Industrial Style Open Spaces

Playing with the open spaces is what makes the designs more appealing. Thus, it is a good idea to have some open spaces in your home to favour spontaneous circulation while sparing the walls.

However, you need to be careful with the decoration and try to maintain the visual harmony choosing the right colours and furniture.

The use of Colorful Furniture Pieces

Beautifying the space is all about using some vibrant colours and creating the perfect seductive composition. Therefore, find the colourful furniture pieces.

These can include yellow, blue, red, and all other colours that you deem fit for creating the perfect ambience. These colours will simply blossom against a neutral base including grey, black, and white.

colourful furniture pieces
Above: Colourful furniture pieces


Use Frames to Create Highlighted Spot in the House

Irrespective of whether you’re decorating your home based on a theme or simply trying to showcase everything beautiful, these pro-level tips fit into all design schemes.

Now, if you carefully choose the content of each frame, which is in sync with the central theme, it will add continuity to your design. The grouping is sufficient to lend cohesion to all unconnected pieces as well.

home interior frames
Above: Home interior frames

Add a Dash of Green to Your Room

It’s always soothing to have plants placed beside the big window to add a bit of delicate and natural touch to the room. Thus, it’s important that you create an organic ambience inside the room and placing the plant beside the window keeps the plant healthy and beautiful as it receives natural sunlight.

interior decoration with plants
Above: Decorating home's interior with live potted plants placed near windows


 Add Tiles to Enhance the Look of  Your Kitchen

Add new tiles to improve the look and feel of your kitchen. The tiles should reflect your personality and style. Irrespective of whether you simply want to have a new splash-back or a complete makeover, you can always achieve your objective by adding a new set of tiles.

kitchen tiles designs
Above: Kitchen tile designs

There are a plethora of options available to you when it comes to tiles, i.e. word effect, neutral, geometric etc.

You can always get in touch with the project managers at Hanzo Design to get some more interesting ideas. Drop us a mail or give us a ring to get in touch. We shall be pleased in assisting you in decorating your home.


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