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How to Reduce Home Extension Costs

The costs of extending homes are quite high. However, how do you ensure that these home extension costs do not spiral out of control and blow your budget? Many options exist.

For one, you can decide to do some minor repair and maintenance jobs, such as fixing leaking bathroom fixtures and painting walls and floors.

However, some construction work can be a bit involving regarding time and labour. Not to mention, they require planning permission. In such a case you need the services of a professional.

Since there are so many ways to kill a rat, let us take a look at some of the ways to reduce home extension costs.


Nowadays, designs are shifting back to minimalist and sleek approach the mid-century modern. You should apply the same principle if you have your budget for home extension costs is little. Thus, you can avoid building curves and corners. Instead, go for a square or rectangular footprint and a pitched roof.

Also, source off-the-shelf materials for your windows and doors. Avoid making orders. Use locally available materials. Moreover, you can install skylights instead of dormer windows.

For flooring and roofing, go for concrete, wood insulation, brick or render. Importantly, do not build around sewers, drains or trees. This will help you minimize the costs of groundwork.

home extension costs
Above: Minimalist interior

Do-it-Yourself Extension

The costs of labour bear the most significant brunt of home extension costs. Hence, it makes a lot of sense to do some of the work on your own. It will not take you a lot of time and effort to decorate, landscape and labour. However, fixing and tiling architraves, plying boards, coving, and fitting bathroom and kitchen can a bit involving.

Therefore, check how much time you are willing to dedicate to construction and whether you have the correct skills to complete the job on time. Also, do a lot of research and planning. Works such as bricklaying, plumbing and plastering require professionals.

Project Management

This is a key skill you need to possess. It can save you about a quarter of the total home extension costs. Thus, you must be good at liaising with architects and the local planning department. Furthermore, you should be skilful in searching and recruiting merchants and dealers on your own.

This skill also demands good supervision skills. Also, you must be an aggressive shopper, looking around for best deals on materials in town. Recipes for success include proper management, flexibility, confidence and some construction knowledge.

home extension costs
Above: We have a team of design architects, surveyors and planners with experience in project management

Value Added Tax

It is illegal to evade tax, but you can find legal ways to avoid it. First, you can avoid a 20% tax on materials and labour if work with self-employed merchants. They usually do not meet the threshold for tax registration. Second, buy used materials from private tradespeople on the web.

Furthermore, you can save a lot of money when doing upgrades on insulation and extend a structure, which has not been occupied for two years. This can go along way in reducing home extension costs.

Designer Fee Savings

Look for designers who are always willing to provide you with the best deal. Thus, go for those who design with a minimalist approach. Also, you can approach an architect who has a record for designing simple, low-cost projects. Do not limit yourself to architects and designers, though.

You can also approach structural engineers, chartered surveyors or architectural technicians. Moreover, you can save up to £172 on planning application fee if you can design extension in according to the permitted development rights. Thus, your can reduce home extension costs significantly.

In summary, be always on the lookout for the best deals in town and on the Internet. Besides, you must be a good project manager to succeed in do-it-yourselfer schemes. Home renovation costs do not have to be high.

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