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Renovate Property in 5 Ways

Do you wish to renovate your run-down property and you have no clue on how to proceed? Worry no more. Here at Hanzo Design, we provide you with the step-by-step tips on how you can renovate the property.

Many people lack information on how they can maximise their home value. They lack the clue on how they can effectively transform their house into a dream home with little budget. Because of this problem, most home owners cannot take advantage of their properties to enhance value.

It is far much cheaper to renovate property than to build from scratch. It is more so if you tailor the design to your style, needs and budget. While renovating on your own may sound easy to say than do, it is good to get things right in the first place.

We have compiled five systematic ways in which you can tackle renovation on your own. Let us have a look!

1. Seek Advice and Budget Accordingly

You family members and friends can offer you invaluable advice on how and where to source a contractor, architect or a project manager. They will provide you with information that can guide you in making decisions regarding costs and negotiations with contractors.

You have to take into account your budget limitations. Hence, create a budget and abide by it. Use the relevant information at hand to estimate how much each element of renovation would cost. For example, calculate the costs for every room.

Ask yourself how much it would cost you to structure, underpin and finish each room. Then, sum all these costs and determine whether they are affordable. Furthermore, you have to budget for the unforeseen circumstances. About 10 percent of your budget should go to a contingency plan.

2. Examine the State of Your Property

You can conduct a thorough survey of the state of your property. The results of this evaluation should identify flaws you need to seal. Thus, you have to budget for this evaluation. You should be able to draw an accurate plan to seal flaws on aspects such as infestation, moisture or sinking.

Also, your plan should help you seal empty doorways, roof parts and windows. You can also add a stabiliser to support your structure. For example, scaffolds and steel ties.

3. Be Patient

If you want to get the best out of your property design, then do not rush to renovate the property. Ensure that you have everything is in place before proceeding further. Also, ensure that the design blends with your style and house.

Decide whether to revive your property to its previous glory or to change it for the better. Remember that you will have to live with what you do to your property. Hence, it is good to seek guidance from a professional architect who will highlight possibilities.

Do not forget to factor in the power of natural light in uplifting and changing any space. The layout of your rooms should allow in more light.

4. Apply for a Planning Permission

The local building laws stipulate certain areas of “permitted development”. Ensure that you are familiar with these aspects. Hence, it is important to understand what areas you need to address in your application for permission to renovate the property.

For example, find out whether your property is listed or is in a Conservation Area. Also, investigate whether it is legal to use your property as a residence or your activities are encroaching into your neighbourhood.

Pay attention to the amount of time it will take you to process the application for statutory consents for your project. Prepare to wait for about eight weeks for planning decisions. Also, you will have to wait for around six weeks for planning decisions to renovate the property.

5. Demolish Unwanted Sites

Before you demolish or clear a site, ensure that it is secure and safe. You are fully responsible for health and safety. Therefore, conduct a risk assessment of the site and outline the methods you use for demolition.

Also, make you sure your contractors possess valid site insurance. Also, survey the site for any possible hazardous wastes. Comprehensive site insurance is necessary if you are your project manager.

Be careful not to fall into the trap of removing an internal fabric you think it is unimportant. You could break the law and get penalised for that. Finally, ensure you regulate your use of electricity and gas. You can also gather unused materials and sell them to the right vendors.

In summary, do not rush into decisions when conducting a renovation and demolishing a site. Ensure that you know what the local laws say about site clearance and renovation. Also, you have to be patient because processing planning permission applications can take several weeks.

Here at Hanzo Design, we have a team of dedicated architectural designers and builders who will you guide on how to acquire a building permit and to renovate the property. We understand renovation can be burdensome and frustrating if you do not follow the right channels.

We are here to ensure that you do not fall into the wrong side of the law unknowingly. Be sure to contact us for further guidance.

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