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Renovating House: Things to Consider

Remodelling, refurbishing or renovating a house is an inevitability for home owners. Thus, you should get used to renovation since it is a way of life. As long as your dreams of a home, which matches your styles and personality remain valid, you will be wanting to increase room space, upgrade materials or even take on a remodelling job. Also, you will want to extend your kitchen, bathroom or living room. However, do not let your anxiety deceive you into getting ahead of yourself.

Before you proceed with renovating house, plan and research properly. You need to consider some factors before you start your building project. However, let us examine the lamentations of some home renovators who got it wrong in the first place. These regrets help us to appreciate the gravity of what I am talking about.

“Make sure you have all the materials before starting. Some of our items took months to come in after ordering, which held up the work. Four months is a long time to be without a kitchen!”___ Victoria Wagner

Another one goes like this:

“I would have made sure there was more insulation in the wall where the bathroom butts up against a bedroom. My daughter is awakened by every sound in the bathroom. We should have put the closet where her bed is now.” ___ Ali Dubin

So, what must you do to avoid the getting it wrong when renovating the house. I have compiled five ways that can help steer you away from potential disaster. Let us take a look.

Decide on Whether to do Renovating House Yourself

You need to manage your excitement and anxiety well. Do not fall into the temptation of renovating the home project yourself if you are unsure about your skills and experiences. However, you can do a simple task as repainting. Besides, leave behind-the-scenes projects like plumbing and electrical wiring to experts.

If have you have experience doing carpentry or electrical work; then you have the upper hand. If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, then you can save a lot of pounds. You can also consult pros on the Internet through platforms such as YouTube.

renovating house
Above: You cannot do every building project yourself. That is why we are always there to help.

Consider Your Budget

This is a critical consideration. It can make or break project for renovating the house. Hence, you need to factor in your living expenses on top of renovation costs. What is your net monthly income? How much debt do you have? Is your disposable income enough to fund your living expenses and renovation costs? Is it sustainable?

After estimating how much you can spare for your project, you can budget for infrastructure changes. Avoid breaking your bank by sourcing building materials from local resupply stores and deals companies.

Hanzo Design Policies
Above: There are a lot of analytics that goes into the renovation project. Budget is one of them.

Check Whether Your Home has Asbestos

Many authorities have outlawed the use of asbestos because of its long-term health effects. If you own an old building, it is a good idea to hire a professional inspector to assess your building.

Make Time for Your Project

Projects for renovating house are notorious for capriciousness. They tend to bring in unforeseen expenses and circumstances, which can delay or even halt your project. Unfortunately, you have to budget for these circumstances. Therefore, implement flexible living plans.

Brace yourself for tough times because your house will no longer be your own during a period of construction. This period can last from several days to months.

Familiarise Yourself With the Requirements of Building Regulations

You cannot just do a project blindly without knowing whether the local Council approves your actions of renovating the house. You can land in trouble. What you think is legal may turn out to be illegal. Also, do not assume that what is legal in a particular Council or jurisdiction is legal in another.

Local laws vary. Hence, avoid getting caught by surprises and penalties. Does your project require planning permission? If you live in London, consult your local estate agents and planning authorities for advice before you proceed. The law has provisions known as “permitted development rights”.

renovating house
Above: Planning application drawings are crucial for getting approval

Stabilise Your Structure Before Demolition

Your structure needs to be stable. It should also be compliant with safety regulations. Therefore, if you need to knock through a wall, please consult widely before you proceed. You can consult building surveyors and planners like us.

Even though consultation fee is applicable, it is nothing compared to the cost of undoing your building works. Besides, you will not want to find yourself in lengthy legal battles.

Since you cannot wait to remodel your home, do not get out the tools before you plan. There are several factors, which you cannot afford to ignore.

Examine your style, budget, time available, requirements of building regulations, and presence of asbestos before you proceed with renovating the house. Also, you need to consider whether you have the correct skills and experiences to remodel home yourself.

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