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Revamp Kitchen with These Awesome Ideas

A kitchen is no doubt the favourite room of your house. Thus, it deserves to be fabulously upgraded. In fact, it can be more awesome to give it a face lift without having to dig deeper into your pockets. Hence, you cannot just afford to leave your kitchen looking like an old junk when there exists sufficient wherewithal to turn it around. Contrary to what you might think, you do not need does not consume much of your time and effort to revamp kitchen. However, you have to be very creative.

When you revamp kitchen, dullness and gloominess, which arise because of fading of colours and falling out of taste with a certain style, disappear. Furthermore, you may not help but notice that your kitchen furniture and cabinetry have broken. You can repair, repaint and replace them.

Kitchen upgrades can uplift your spirit and create a feeling of less confusion.

Let us look at some of the easy ways you can proceed revamp kitchen.

Change Faucet

You do not require special skills to replace kitchen faucets. However, it may cost you a lot of money to replace them. The range of price for single-handle to arched spouts ranges between £70 and £140. However, price, though high, should not be an issue since you use it frequently.

revamp kitchen
Above: Kitchen faucet

Repaint Kitchen Furniture and Cabinets

May be your cabinets look pale because of fading. So, it is a good idea to apply fresh coats of paint to revive their previous glow. In fact, you do not require special skills to do the painting, but you have to do it carefully to avoid spoiling your kitchen.

revamp kitchen
Above: kitchen furniture and cabinet

I would go for a deep and calming tone, such as warm putty or duck egg blue to create a sense of relaxation in my home’s space.

These colours fit with many finishes and materials. You want to create an environment of relaxation; hence, extreme shades would not help. Moreover, go for the high-quality paint to avoid repainting over and over again because it can be tedious.

Change the Liners of Drawers or Shelves

If you have shelf liners, consider changing them if you have never done so. Also, removing liners gives you the opportunity to clean and rearrange the contents of your cabinets and drawers. You can go for a non-adhesive type of non-slip liner. Moreover, you can see your drawers with oil cloth.

You also want to increase the warmth and attractiveness of your kitchen. Thus, you can advisably go for open-plan schemes such as shelving displays, aesthetic beauty and fluffy furnishings. The good news is that you can easily upgrade and replace these schemes every season of the upgrade.

kitchen shelf liners
Above: Kitchen shelf liners

Replace Hardware

If your hardware is not classic, consider replacing it to give a fresh look and feel for the whole kitchen space. Find out how much each piece costs. Then, use that price as a basis for calculating the cost of installing for each cabinet. Do not forget to count how many knobs and pulls are present in your kitchen.

Also, if you have a traditional or country kitchen, you can make it more adorable by applying vintage cookware, such as the vintage dresser. You can order these items online on e-Bay. You can also buy them from charity and antique shops.

Change Lighting

Replace dim lighting or overhead fixture with more viable options. You do not have to spend a fortune to change the lighting. Like, it can cost you less than £140 to replace your lighting with hand-blown glass pendants. This lighting tends to draw a lot of attention. Furthermore, a vintage light fixture costs less than £20. You can also visit e-Bay or IKEA for under-cabinet fixtures.

IKEA furniture
Above: Visit IKEA to get the best furniture deals

In summary, you can get the best deals and paybacks for items from e-commerce websites such as e-Bay and IKEA. All in all, you do not have to break a bank to replace lighting fixtures, hardware, faucets and cabinetry in your kitchen.

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