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Wall Art in Interior Design: What's its Significance?

Don’t treat wall art as an afterthought; it’s, in fact, an integral part of the entire interior designing scheme. At Hanzo Design, we don’t leave wall art for the end. Instead, we take care of all the wall art concurrently with the other interior designing tasks. Like arranging the furniture and all.

It’s pretty challenging to often explain to clients that wall art should always form a part of the mainstream interior designing work. This is because it offers an unusual design perspective.

Our project managers are experts at dealing with a variety of wall arts. They’re aware of the fact that a perfect wall will lead to seamless interiors.

In fact, our team firmly believes that wall art is the most important aspect of any interior designing project. In case you’re still not entirely convinced about wall art’s role in interior design, here are some of its benefits that can help you make your mind.

The Reference Point for the Colour Palette

Often the choice of colour palette turns out to be an immensely challenging task. The local paint store can offer you a wide range of options, but then again too many choices make that task even more overwhelming.

Usually, it’s a very difficult to choose to go because you can never really be sure as to what colour will suit the interior designing scheme.

wall art
Above: A wall art for interior

The Hanzo Design team takes the wiser path of choosing the artwork first. Then, using the choice as an inspiration or reference point to choose the wall colour. They want the wall art as per the interior designing theme and then choose the wall colour.

Serves as the Focal Point

In property, every room has to have a focal point or one design element that catches the eyes. It’s is an essential element that helps the viewer get a sense of what’s going to unfold later.

Now, wall art can serve as the focal point and can quickly become the element to draw everyone’s attention. You can thus imagine hanging your best artwork just above the fireplace’s mantle or just above your bed in the master suite.

wall art
Above: Wall art

Our designers have tried using a creative gallery in the dining area just to spice up and add to the cosy feel in the seating area.

Creates the Right Texture

Our project managers have tried different types of wall art to create varying degrees of texture for a particular space.

Since all wall arts aren’t created equally so one can try anything from a 2D painting to a just simple tapestry work.

Thus, there’s no point in getting restricted to only painting; instead, art pieces such as shadow boxes or even sculptures can do the trick.

wall art
Above: One of Banksy's masterpieces on the wall

Wall art makes a room feel complete you can even try them while starting out the interior designing project. As mentioned earlier, they are the most important and integral part of any interior design scheme.

You can get in touch with the project managers at Hanzo Design to explore more about the use of wall art for your property.


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