Why We Simply Love the Mid-Century Designs

It’s tough for many of us to get over the mid-century design hangover! Go to London and suburbs, and you’ll find several stores dedicated to this particular design style. Before you start decoding your mid-century decorating tizzy, Hanzo Design is going to present to you a list of reasons why enthusiasts and designers simply love the mid-century designs. Here we go:

• Pure forms and simple lines – When it comes to ease of living and organic style, nothing can match the mid-century interiors. In fact, it’s reflected in the structure, and the pure forms and simple lines are the ones that make this so iconic. They are far from boring and extremely eye-catching without trying to be fussy. You’ll find the interiors decorated with simple furniture, sans the unnecessary elements.

• The use of accents and arts –The mid-century time was all about talented and innovative artists and all their works bordered on the bold. They loved to play on the groundbreaking style while complementing the art world in its unique way. Every room was finished with the classic mid-century accents and arts.




• Sleek Kitchens – The kitchens of the mid-century acted as a precursor to the future wave of designs. Thus, we could find the stylish looking kitchens with all the shiny and showy appliances, space-age surfaces, and bright colours. Most the furniture was cutting edge and streamlined, much ahead of its time. However, simplicity showed in everything from design to implementation, which was evident from the plain countertop edges, slab cabinet doors, and non-fussy materials.
• Iconic Furnishings – Majority of the accents and furniture used in the mid-century design were innovative and even mass-produced. These iconic furnishings still are a huge hit among a larger chunk of interior designers and enthusiasts.


• Outdoor Flow – The mid-century design easily managed to attain the flawless balance between style and functionality. The outdoor furnishings were affordable, comfortable and were created to withstand the harsh natural elements.


• Bright paired with neutrals – The colour scheme always swung between earthy and warm where natural wood was the predominating colour during the mid-century design. However, the dash of stronger colours was always used to offer the presence and strength of the saturated look.



Statement Lighting – Every classic mid-century room design had the high-quality lighting to accentuate the overall look and feel of the room. Though the lighting pieces were used for their functionality, they doubled up as art pieces. The lighting fixtures of the mid-century era are nothing less than design motifs.
At Hanzo design, our project managers love to recreate the mid-century design from time to time for several clients. The best thing about this era’s design is that it never goes wrong in beautifying a room and also never fails to win the hearts of our esteemed clientele. If you’re a fan of the mid-century design and wish to recreate it in your home then just give us a call or drop us a mail. We’ll love to meet you over a cup of coffee and discuss the project in detail.


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