Street Art for Your Home

The rising popularity of street art in the United Kingdom is not in doubt. In fact, more than 50 percent of home buyers in London prefer to live in a neighbourhood with street art. These home buyers would rather live in an area with murals and street art than a neighbourhood with good transport network and coffee shop. Therefore, if you look to increase your home’s value multiple times, it is a good idea to invest in street art.

According to research by Affordable Art Fair, the street has gained acceptance among the London residents. In fact, more than 80 percent of Londoners believe that it can heighten the spirit of the neighbourhood. Shoreditch is a neighbourhood in the United Kingdom where street art is the most popular. Street art appears to gentrify that neighbourhood because almost anyone wants to live in that community.

Therefore, the demand for al fresco works and mural artists is on the rise. Alex Lucas of Affordable Art Fair summarises that point clearly by stating, “[m]any of my works start out as small projects and grow organically with the owner of the space and even little pieces can make an impact.”


Not only al fresco but you can also decorate the interior of your home with murals.

It is ironical that street art is used to defend against the gentrification of a neighbourhood. This is the same culprit that has made some people homeless because property prices have skyrocketed beyond their means. Stik highlights that problem in Acton, “[a]ffordable housing in Britain is under threat; this piece is to remind the world that all people need homes”.

street art
Above: Stik painted this mural to communicate a message. Picture courtesy of Martin Smith.



If you want to radically transform your home, you can also add graffiti. It can radiate pop-art vibes unconventionally through a collection of colours. Just as mural artists, graffiti artists are also in demand. However, it is common to find graffiti artists creating colourful murals in people’s rooms or framing al fresco posters surrounding the house.

Consider the graffiti works by artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pawar or Banksy. If you intend to add references to urban and hip-hop culture to your home, then you can go for Basquiat painting.

basquiat painting
Above: One of Basquiat's famous paintings

Let us take a look at how to style your home with some of these artwork prints.

Inky Graffiti

This photograph can stand out on a darker wall. It blends well with grey and darker print tones and textures to create a stylish but sombre interior.

banksy new north road
Above: Banksy's New North Road

Urban Scandi

If you intend to add a feel and look of lightness and airiness to your home, then go for prints of street arts. It is a good idea to blend neutral colours with natural ornaments for aesthetic purposes. You can lean murals with smaller frames against desk or table. Also, dusty pink tones can be suitable if you intend to add pastel aesthetic beauty.

urban scandi
Above: An interior with urban scandi look

All in all, your choice of murals and graffiti depends on what feel and look you intend to add to your space. Street art can radically transform your home’s interior and exterior.

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