The project managers at Hanzo Design have a love-hate relationship with street art. This is because some of them are of the belief that these are an incredibly dynamic art form. Besides, others consider them nothing more than glamorised graffiti.

Irrespective of the opinion of our project managers, street art, has a high demand. Even so, we have had the privilege of installing it in several properties.

Over the past few years, it has become hugely popular across Britain. This is often attributable to the prominence of artists like Banksy.

According to an estimate, street art can add an extra value of £50,000 to a property. This is probably one of the greatest reasons behind the frenzy of installing it in luxurious properties.

Even recent research has revealed that over 43% of Brits prefer to hang out in an area with street art and murals rather than the old coffee shop.

Additionally, there are about 29% of Brits who would only love to pay an artist to paint it or mural on the walls of their houses.

Now, we can’t ignore such a demand for it. Thus, we have started working on various projects to include it in the interior designing schemes.

Here are some ideas to include it in a property:

1. Monochrome Wall

This mid-century art style can be an excellent choice for your study or living room.

Create a monochrome wall by installing black frames or even try the black and white combinations, if you’re looking for something adventurous.

street art
Above: A monochrome design of interior incorporating black and white frames

Thus, you can choose some high-quality arts that are readily available at a local store or even order online. Then, choose the appropriate furniture pieces to accentuate the beauty and feel of the room.

2. Create an Urban Loft

Well, if you don’t have a lot, you can simply create it as street art seems to go perfectly with the loft. Use the exposed brick wall to hang multiple prints and create the perfect mix of colour, style, and artistic flavours.

Obviously, you have the liberty to mix and match the sizes, frames, and art pieces you want to use. Keep some large art pieces leaning against the wall.

urban loft art
Above: An urban loft art


Alternatively, you can even use some potted plants to add a dash of green to space.

3. Urban Scandinavian

You don’t always need bold art to make a style statement as you can always make a space airy and light by using natural elements and neutral tones. These can, in fact, create the ultimate print on the wall.

urban scandinavian
Above: An urban Scandinavian interior

Also, placing a small frame on the desk is a great idea for creating the perfect look.

These are some of the ideas that can lead to a significant transformation of living space through the addition of it.

People with an artistic bent will simply love to add some street art to their properties; however, there are also those who are not quite fine with it.

Irrespective of your choice, the project managers at Hanzo Design will certainly help you out in creating the best interiors for your home. Just get in touch with our team at Hanzo Design, and we can share some incredible ideas over a cup of coffee!


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