Sustainable Interior Design for Luxury Homes

Sustainability and luxury have been hitherto opposite to each other. The relationship between the two has been controversial. But, is that true? Can you be able to produce a sustainable interior design for luxury homes?

Luxury products do not have to be necessarily expensive. However, there is a clear relationship between luxury and high achievement. Luxury is an outcome of achievement and not the other way round.

So, if you intend to achieve luxury, you run the danger of rushing products without thinking through. As long as luxury consumption does not affect the environment negatively, then it is sustainable.

Let us look at some of how the perception of luxury has changed over time.


As such, luxury is more of an experience than cost. It seems people today are willing to spend any amount on unique experiences. In the past, people used tactile things as golden and marble furnishings to symbolise their achievements.

sustainable interior design
Above: A sustainable and luxurious interior with a mid-century modern touch

That is no longer the case today as people experience luxury. It all about feels and look. For that reason, sustainable interior design should know how to make three-dimensional visualisation to present their ideas.

So, when you add sustainability element, strategic knowledge and expertise of the interior designer come in. Without these skills, the designer cannot reduce environmental effects and compromises on style.

Luxury is Not an end

Nothing is as elusive as luxury when you aim at it. When it comes to sustainable interior design, luxury is the level of performance of the interior environment. Nevertheless, performance levels tend to vary with time. What you considered a luxury three decades is not a luxury today. This is because your style changes constantly.

That is why your home is never a finished product nor is your interior finishing. You will always look for space, which not only captures your current lifestyle but also enhances and affirms it. Luxury evolves. No matter how to hard you try to catch it, it will always remain ahead of you.

Deciding on the Ideal Dining Area Furniture
Above: One of the innovative ways of importing nature into a dining room. Take note of camouflaging.


When it comes to sustainable interior design, how are you able to make or remake a space continuously to match your style? Not to mention, the effects of how you use that space should at least correspond with its effects on the environment. Also, the effects of luxury design should balance with your quality of life and budget.

Even so, how can you obtain a luxurious interior, which is sustainable? You should be able to make, remake or obtain a luxury interior over and over again without depletion. Ideally, you should be able the level of performance for your luxury interior. Moreover, the performance level of your interior luxury should remain the same in future.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, especially when luxury is tactile. It turns out that we consume resources faster than our planet can replenish. It is fallacious to view luxury as an extravagant consumption. Same goes for a luxury product, which has been poorly designed.

However, the sustainable interior design is intangible.


From the standpoint of a creative interior designer, opportunities are endless. In fact, they are as many an individual’s evolving styles and still be environmentally sustainable and friendly.

Thus, your work as an interior designer is to tailor the choices of your clients in their journey towards project delivery.

Innovative thinking can make way for luxury. Without luxury, the sustainable interior design may not be impossible. Therefore, you should tailor design solutions, whether it be basic or luxurious, to optimise space and to sustain environmental impacts.

Generate Your Living Space More Beautiful
Above: Luxury should bring out the most out of your personality.

All in all, today’s luxury is more of experience, individuality and uniqueness. Furthermore, luxury is a shifting goal post because of your style and taste change with time.

Luxury can also be sustainable as long you can reproduce it constantly without causing a noticeable effect on the environment. It also boils down to your innovativeness and creativity as an interior designer. It depends on how you view space as an endless string of design opportunities.

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