A home office is a place where we spend more than 10 hours a day, and this leaves a profound imprint on our mind and soul. It should diffuse inspiration and valuable energy into your life while sustaining it in the most practical manner. At Hanzo Design, we’re aware that while designing the most productive space for your property, creativity and logic along with spontaneity and structure should be perfectly balanced to suit your work. Your office space should reflect as well as enhance the work that you do.
Our project managers treat every home office design project as a significant opportunity to blend the familiar and professional elements of our client’s life. All our office designs support as well as stimulate the endeavours of our customers.
Designing an efficient home office is completely different from designing commercial offices, and there are some important considerations include:
• A subtle balance of efficiency and comfort has to be presented through the design to prevent the home office from turning too casual. It should have a distinct identity to remove any other similarities with the rest of the property.
• Take into consideration the type of work the client undertakes on a daily basis and if customers’ will be visiting the office. You also need to find out from the customer whether any other colleagues will be visiting the space for some collaborative work.
• The type of equipment used in the office also plays a significant role in the design. You must also enquire about any other particular thing that will be stored in the office.
• Mark the physical boundaries of the office needs no other interruptions or sounds from the household. It’s important to keep the space completely shielded from all other distractions.
• The kind of storage that the client wants as not every profession requires bulk storage of physical files and folders.
Some common mistakes made by designers that can turn the interior designing project into a complete disaster include:
• Using inadequate storage equipment, which leads to piling up of unwanted files, folders, documents and equipment
• Leaving very little space for fixing reference materials
• Improper use of wires can lead to a total disaster of the design
• Inadequate lighting
Elements that play a vital role in creating a great home office include:
Lighting: It’s imperative to create a good lighting scheme. Our designers love to pay with the natural daylight coming from a window in the room. Daylight has all the spectrum colours, so it presents very balanced lighting to the room. Interiors of the home office are designed in such a manner that reflect and refract the sunlight in the most optimum way. No worries if you don’t have a window in the room as there are some good lighting fixtures to substitute the daylight.
Ergonomics: One of our primary concerns is health, welfare, and safety of our clients. Thus, we try to use ergonomically designed furniture for seating or working. Footrests, task chairs and laptop tables are ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort and ease while working.
Get in touch with Hanzo.Design project managers to learn more about lighting and ergonomic furniture design options
for your home office.


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