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Things To Consider While Renovating Your House

If you’re serious about transforming your living space than just adding new furniture pieces or a fresh coat of paint won’t suffice. You have to think on a bigger scale and take some bold steps to create a deeper impact on your renovation project. At Hanzo Design we always advise our clients to add more space to the complete renovation of their homes. This not only adds financial value to a property but also changes the entire experience of owning a home.
Here is a complete list of spaces that you can think about renovating or even reinventing:
• Conversion of the Lofts: You can convert your loft into a productive office or an entertainment room or even a studio; depends on what functionality you want it to serve. Adding extra space to your home is easy and quick if you consider the conversion of the lofts. However, a loft conversion is the most challenging task to undertake, and you’ll have to plan well to get the job done smoothly. If there’s a space crunch, then you’ll have to make loft conversion as it can free up some much-needed space in urban dwellings.

The good news about loft conversion is that you’ll not require any permissions; however, if the property is semi-detached or terraced then you will have to comply with the Party Wall Act. You shall have to inform your neighbour about the changes you’re making and it will serve as a kind of formal notice.

• Create Extensions: Adding new rooms to your home is a very good idea to liven it up. You not only get rid of the crowded space but also get an opportunity to fulfil all your requirements. You can build an extension to add a new room that can be converted into a bedroom, guest house, dining room, or work shop. You can easily fulfil your requirement of new space by adding an extension. Building a new space to your existing home is a logical step towards growing your property as it’s less restrictive than that converting a basement or loft.

However, adding an extension requires planning permission, and it depends on the type of property. By adding an extension, you not only get to exercise better control and enjoy more freedom but also get to increase the value of your existing property. The costs of a single-storey extension hover around £1,000/sqm; however, the construction cost depends on the quality of materials being used.

Renovating the Kitchen: Full-scale kitchen renovation is all about creating an interior design scheme that will include everything from floor layout to furniture pieces. It’s important to keep in mind that you’re creating a luxury kitchen that is in sync with the personality and lifestyle of your client.

The kitchen is a happy place and is meant for good drinks, food, laughter, and even music. Thus, this part of a house deserves the best, and even a simple adjustment can give a whole new look and feel to a good old kitchen.

At Hanzo Design, we put a lot of emphasis on creating space from existing spaces in your home. We can always arrange a meeting with our project managers to share some fascinating ideas for revamping your home.


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