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Jazz Home of Yours up in London

Even though people spend a considerable amount of time, effort, and money to jazz home of theirs up, they still need to revamp them every few years. Sprucing up your home obviously includes everything from choosing the furniture to lighting.

Apparently, when you spend time in a house and use the space, it’s bound to lose the charm. Thus, to keep your home lively and entertaining, you’ll have to make changes to the interiors.

Even if you are not changing the furniture pieces, a new coat of paint will certainly make things more interesting.
Interior designing experts at Hanzo Design have some more tips up their sleeves to jazz home of yours up and make it more welcoming.

Let’s have a look at those ideas!

Add Textural Accent Walls

Irrespective of whether you’re are working with a modern or traditional interior designing scheme; textural accent walls will certainly cater to your needs.

Stikwood is a great product that our project managers often use to add a dash of colour and depth to their design schemes.

textural accent walls
Above: A bedroom with textural wall accent

It helps them to put in the textural warmth and depth. These accent walls are pretty easy to install and come at really affordable prices.

Add Statement Wall Décor

Adding statement wall décor can even transform contemporary homes into art dens. You can order the statement wall décor from various websites that provide exclusive framed canvas pieces.

statement wall decor
Above: A statement wall decor

Now, you can give an artistic feel to a dull and clean space without making too many changes.

Kitchen Remodeling Using two Tones or Split Finish Cabinetry

Mixing the finishes of the kitchen cabinetry can create a whole new impactful design scheme for a simple looking kitchen.

jazz home
A split finish kitchen cabinetry

In fact, you can conveniently make changes to the kitchen island or even try different lowers and uppers.
If you wish to choose a dash of yellow or red colour for the kitchen cabinets, then you have a bold idea in mind.

Well, sometimes even unintentional risks pay off well. You can use a splash of colours to simply create a bold and bright kitchen design to make things spicy. This doesn’t imply that neutrals don’t come in – you can use them in abundance as well!

Luxury Bathroom Using Metals, Minerals, and Stones

Use of metals in designing the luxury bathrooms has been prevalent for ages across the globe. Brass is, of course, the most popular of metals when it comes to designing the cabinet knobs or faucets.

However, some other metals that are slowly getting the right kind of response include brushed steel, platinum, silver and even gold. The polished brass naturally accentuates the beauty of a bathroom and gives it the golden rich interior.

brass bathroom faucets
Above: Brass faucet and sink of a luxury bathroom

Natural minerals and stones are also used as decorative elements in luxury bathrooms, but at Hanzo Design, we’re using them as functional items as well.

For instance, we often use of polishing of stone sink instead of the traditional porcelain.

We believe in making optimum use of stones and minerals, so using a stone bench beside the bath or polishing of mineral stool is some of the design elements that we frequently use.

You can drop in at our office for some more interesting ideas to jazz home of yours. Project managers at Hanzo design are the perfect people to discuss your interior designing projects; they’ll be glad to share some new ideas with you.

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