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Adding Home Value in 3 Ways: Extending or Relocating of Existing House

The choice of whether to relocate depends on what is best for your house. It is upon you to determine whether it is feasible to stay put and extend your existing home. If you have budget constraints, moving out and buying a new home may not be the best option for adding home value.

You would rather stay where you are and make the most out of your existing home. However, you need to weigh the risks of damaging your precious home against the benefits. The extension does not work for every home. However, it can tap into an endless potential of your home.

So, what factors must you consider when adding home value? Let us find out!

1. Know Your Surroundings

You would be better off if you find out who are the best renovators in your area. Do not rush into decisions when consulting with a local estate agent. Remember that you will have to live with what you do to your house for a long time. Moreover, properties in your neighbourhood have a certain threshold value.

No matter how fabulously you extend your home, the value of your property would not exceed that threshold. You will not want to invest in a property whose value will not give you a meaningful return on your investment.

Tree protection in adding home value
Above: A tree protection

2. Find out About Your Neighbourhood

Your neighbours can influence the type of extensions you would undertake in adding home value. Research on information about the selling prices of land registry and properties that people sell in the market. You will find rich information from FindaProperty.com. Research and plan wisely, and you will reap the best returns on your investments.

3. Extension is in Vogue

Many people are extending their homes in the United Kingdom. In the past, people used to add structures to their existing homes. These additions sometimes failed to blend well with the original building. Hence, the house would appear odd.

Above: Your dream home depends on your style and budget.

Homeowners are now shifting towards altering the building structure while conserving purity. The practice of incorporating different materials has fallen out of taste with most homeowners. It has become fashionable to extend pure white-rendered materials and to make extensions, which completely cover your house with timber.

a) Bland Canvases

There has also been a shift towards customizable and decorated bland canvases. Nowadays, people prefer warm and functional modern extensions. Furthermore, people prefer to extend rooms to accommodate studies because of the shift of workplaces towards home. Homeowners are converting front rooms into offices while the rear of the house serves as the main living space.

b) Going Green?

Much more is going green. The practice of incorporating environmentally friendly materials is becoming common. The government’s regulations require that energy-saving materials should form new buildings.

Thus, more people are aware of the benefits of energy conservation. Materials such as low volatile organic compound paints and bamboo have increasingly become popular.

The Building Regulations require that at least 25% of lighting should be energy-conserving. Adequate insulation is also very paramount.

In conclusion, there has been a trend towards adopting energy-conserving materials. The practice of mixing different materials is obsolete. Furthermore, the practice of adding awkward structures has fallen out of trend. You need to plan and research when adding home value.

Hanzo Design believes an extension is an effective way to improve your home value significantly. That is why our dedicated team of professionals is always ready to assist you with home extension services. While this undertaking may not be a bed of roses, we treat your burden in this regard as ours.

We understand that applying for planning permission is a tedious process. We are delighted to let you know that we can help you earn approval with relative ease. Our professionals are knowledgeable about the requirements of the local building codes and laws.

We do not let obstacles stand in our way no matter how big. However, this is not to say that we treat smaller projects differently. We offer due diligence. It is our jobLet us know if you wish to hire our services.

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