Create Ambience of Your Room Using Lighting

One of the most potent tools available to Hanzo interior designers is lighting. You can use lighting to influence how people perceive a room’s spaciousness and openness. That is, you can use lighting to create ambience.You can also use light to make a room feel warm and comfy.

While lighting is probably one of the most visible aspects of a room’s look and feels, very few people give it the attention it should deserve.

To fully bring your space to life, you need to take advantage of the various kinds of lighting available to you.

You can significantly enhance your space by using natural light, artificial light, coloured light, mirrors and wall or drape colours.

Natural Light

Besides the obvious role of lighting up your space, natural light has other functions such as helping your body produce Vitamin D.

By triggering endorphin release; natural light can help you improve your mood. To get the most out of day light, you need to consider two things: the size of your windows and where the windows placed.

Placing your windows where the morning or evening sun can stream it rays through is a great place to start. If you are worried about the intensity of the sun, shears will come to your rescue.

Further, bigger windows, such as floor to ceiling windows can work magic to your space.

create ambience using lighting
Above: Ensure that enough daylight penetrates all the four corners of your space

Artificial Light

An average person today can afford a lot of lighting options for their home. Modern technology allows the average person today to achieve so much more with artificial light than a king would have reached just a century ago.

Traditionally, one would have a central light and then supplement it with sidelights and lamps. Today, you can forego that arrangement entirely and choose to use spotlights to highlight certain parts of the room and bring various pieces such as art to focus.

You can also use artificial light to manipulate the feel of a place by adjusting light intensity. Moreover, you can start to take advantage of the power of artificial lighting today by using mood lighting.

Mood lighting can be achieved in several ways including through the use of backlights and spotlights.

To take it up a notch higher, you can hire the services of experienced design practice. Here at Hanzo Design, we can help you to conceive the most suitable ambience for your space.

mood room lighting
Above: You can vary lighting colours of your room according to mood


Correctly using mirrors can add a lot of character to your room and enhance the lighting in your space when natural light is inadequate.

Hanzo Design has perfected the art of mirror placement to make the most out of any space. Besides its ability to enhance lighting, mirrors can also make your room feel more spacious than it is.

room lighting mirr
Above: Lighting a room up using mirrors

Colour and Coloured Light

Colours can be used to create ambience, space and light. Furthermore, it can manipulate these same parameters. Therefore, if you use a light colour on your wall, your room will appear better lit and more spacious. Also, you can create the ambience of similar nature if your furniture and drapes are light in colour.

To fully take control of the ambience of your space at night, you might consider using coloured light. Soft coloured light such as blue neon light can go a long way in giving a room a modern and soft feel.

blue neon lighting

If you are in Marbella or London, Hanzo Design can help you transform your space into whatever ambience you desire

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